“Without filters and without censorship”: Mauro Viale’s daughter recorded a podcast to tell “the truth” about her father’s death

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Ivanna shared the first episode, which is already on Spotify, through her Instagram stories.

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Almost a year and two months after the death of Mauro Vialehis daughter Ivana uploaded a podcast called Mauro Viale, The pure truthin whose first chapter, The impact of your departureannounced that at the end of the series he will tell “the truth about what really happened” to the famous journalist, who died in 73 years old of cardiac arrest during hospitalization for a severe case of coronavirus.

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In detail, the daughter of the aforementioned pilot, who is also a journalist, he poured all his pain into a recording of just over two and a half minutes in which he has provided a sort of screenshot of what he will talk about in the next deliveries which he will upload to his Spotify channel.

“And now it turns out that I’m talking to you about Mauro Viale, my father. He left life in an abrupt, shocking and traumatic way, full of doubt and pure pain not only for me, who still do not understand and believe in it, without accepting his death, but also for all those who have seen and heard him every day during his long career », he began.

And he continued: “I feel that everything can crumble so easily, everything can change in an instant. The fragility of life surprised me without giving me timewithout being able to foresee that my father would die in that inexplicable way. “

Ivanna Viale, the daughter of the mentioned journalist, driver and producer.

Ivanna Viale, the daughter of the mentioned journalist, driver and producer.

Even the daughter of Eleonora Schwadron, and Jonatan Viale’s sister, assured the media that her father’s death “was a national shock”. “The people, his audience, his followers, do not leave their amazement“He added in the present the event that surprised everyone on April 11, 2021.

And he added: “Here I am going to tell you, unfiltered and uncensored, absolutely the whole truth. Mauro Viale left this life before his time, it was not his time. I’ve always imagined life with a long-lived dad, like those men who live to be 90 and are still flawless. Well, it didn’t. It is no longer with me or with all of us that we have loved him with the soul“.

“I say this for those who loved him very much, do not forget it and for those who did not know him, know it there was a unique and incomparable master of journalism and through every word I say they know him a little more “, he clarified explaining the reason for his 2.0 initiative.

And he revealed: “I will tell you how I work to become what it was, I will tell you about his working methodology, his lifestyle, his passions, his frustrations and finally, my goal, to tell the truth about what really happened to him“.

Furthermore, Ivanna stated: “Mauro Viale left us more than 1 year ago in an unpredictable and abrupt way. He caused a national sensation “.

Mauro Viale at the Radio Rivadavia studios.  Photo: Archive

Mauro Viale at the Radio Rivadavia studios. Photo: Archive

“You don’t play with people. You don’t play with abuse of authority. They played with him until the last moment. Yes, no, this, that that. I change you, I take you out, I put you in. This is not done. He didn’t teach me, she taught me the codes “, assured the young woman in statements shown last year. The angels of the morning.

And he added: “Yes, which ended up weakening him even moreI just tell those out there who want to take charge of what I’m saying, that it’s not being good people. I have no words, but whoever listens to me knows who I am referring to. For a measly point of assessment, they blew a person up with so much experience, so much honor and a great desire to work as my old man had “.


Source: Clarin

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