Tom Hanks criticized the Da Vinci Code saga and remembered the night he changed in front of La Gioconda

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Tom Hanks criticized the Da Vinci Code saga and remembered the night he changed in front of La Gioconda

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Tom Hanks, on his recent visit to the Cannes Film Festival. photo EFE

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Da Vinci’s codethe film starring Tom Hanks, based on the best-seller Dan brownwas one of the biggest hits of 2006: grossed $ 760 million worldwide.

There was a time when everyone in the United States had a copy Da Vinci’s code on your bedside table. The cinema did not want to waste the fury and, in fact, in 2009 the Paramount had already ready the sequel: Angels and Demons. And in 2016 the third part would come, Hell.

However, the one who does not have fond memories of the project is Tom Hanks, the “iconic detective” Robert Langdon of the trilogy, as he expressed in an interview with the magazine of the New York Times. He criticized him for “lack of historical accuracy”, calling his commercial appeal “clumsy and silly”.


Actress Audrey Tautou and Tom Hanks during the filming of the “Da Vinci Code” at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

“Yeah, all those Robert Langdon sequels are bullshit. Da Vinci’s code it was silly … I mean, Dan Brown, God bless him, he says, ‘Here’s a sculpture somewhere in Paris! It’s not far. See how a cross is formed on a map? Well, it’s kind of a cross.

“Those are delightful treasure hunts, as accurate for history as the James Bond films are for espionage … All we were doing was promising a distractionHank said.

Mystery in the Louvre

In the film, Langdon becomes the prime suspect in a murder related to a puzzle in the Louvre. and escapes with the victim’s niece (Audrey Tatou), a fully fledged cryptographer.

Your research will consist of examining symbols and treasure hunt clues in Leonardo Da Vinci’s works to locate none other than the Holy Grail. The police are lurking, on the one hand, but also a disturbing agent of the Catholic Church who must protect some secrets, so that the principles of Christianity are not rewritten.

The film’s religious themes created problems for some Catholic groups. from all over the world, even if the controversy has not intensified.

More business than ingenuity

Although Hanks is critical of the project, he also admits that it worked as a commercial film.

“There is nothing wrong with making a good commercial product … As long as it’s a good product. When we did the third of the saga we proved it wasn’t a good deal …

Tom Hanks and Ayelet Zurer during the filming of "Angels & Demons", the second of the saga, in 2009.

Tom Hanks and Ayelet Zurer during the filming of “Angels & Demons”, the second of the saga, in 2009.

“And let me tell you something else Da Vinci’s code. It was my birthday, I turned forty. We were shooting in the Louvre at night. And I ended up changing my pants in front of the Mona Lisa! They brought me a birthday cake in the Great Hall! Who can have that experience?

The third film in the series, Hellit opened at $ 14 million in the US, with a budget of $ 75 million, and although it ultimately surpassed $ 220 worldwide, it was considered a disappointment.

And in the face of the bizarre experience of changing face Mona Lisainformation that triggers an inevitable question:

How would Tom Hanks have felt when he discovered that in reality that woman – with the signature of the great Leonardo -, who never stopped smiling at him from a painting, wasn’t the real one?

For the shoot, they used a replica.


Source: Clarin

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