Striking aesthetic retouching by Tamara Báez, L-Ghent’s girlfriend: she did the same lips as an Instagram filter

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Striking aesthetic retouching by Tamara Báez, L-Ghent’s girlfriend: she did the same lips as an Instagram filter

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Tamara Báez with her grandmother and Jamaica, her daughter to L-Gante.

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While her boyfriend L-Ghentit broke into Mexico on its 2022 international tour, which in a few days will continue in Chile, Tamara Baez Take advantage of your free time to undergo aesthetic changes. Or at least how he expressed it through his Instagram stories, where in recent times he has appeared the results of the new touch-up made on the face.

In detail, the Jamaican mother, the fruit of her love for the well-known cumbia singer, posted a meme of Ralph Wiggumthe famous character of The Simpsonexcessively done with the following dialogue: “Me, feeling fabulous. My mom: ‘Now what did you do to your face?’“.

And because many of her followers didn’t understand the meaning of that joke, a few hours later, Tamara published a close-up video of her recently retouched lip in her stories on the aforementioned social network. “I love that my lips feel like filters‘, he happily admits.

Tamara refilled her lips to fit it like she used a “filter” on networks.

Tamara refilled her lips to fit it like she used a “filter” on networks.

Also, the girlfriend of the creator “Cumbia 420“She uploaded another video with Jamaica and her grandmother where she showed the results of it’s new refresh what was done to the face. “We love the effect,” Báez wrote of that recording where the outside of his mouth was more sunken.

It’s worth clarifying Tamara he was very playful and wants to share her beauty tips with her Instagram followers. Among other things, the girl from 22 years a touch-up is done on the nose and every two or three weeks it is done carved nails, eyelash extensions at eyebrow shaping.

Meanwhile, they are not known Cosmetic surgeries not either invasive beauty treatment made on other parts of the body except your nose and mouth.

According to reports, L-Gante’s girlfriend is filling her lips hyaluronic acida technique recommended for people who want to enhance the thickness of their mouths, and he did it months ago.

After launching as a singer, General Rodríguez’s young mother suffered a hack of her account Instagramwhere he gained over 1 million followers.

So who they violated their networks They published pictures of their adolescence on their profile. In one of them he will be seen with a completely different look than now. That was then Tamara she had no lip filler and turned bangs and brown hair.

ID photo of Tamara Báez at age 16.

ID photo of Tamara Báez at age 16.

(I am) 16 years old and yes, it is recontra turra“, said the girl when asked about this striking picture.”I wore sportswear that was original and worth it to you, chichis, what do you want to rest (mock)just for me, the most normal girl that exists ”, she continued as clearly referring to the 2.0 attacks she receives every day.

And he continued in a release he made via his Facebook profile: “I’ve always lived in a neighborhood like today, I put on some lipstick, fixed my nose and put on an eyelashas you like and you don’t. ”

It hurts on the one hand (extremely) to see me properlyI’ve seen some Rodríguez couples who want to ‘feel good’ and climb that image from the document that I lined up at 3 AM without sleeping when I was younger. I love them and follow in my footsteps, don’t explode when they see me doing grandma, “the L-Ghent couple attacked in that post.


Source: Clarin

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