“I have never felt so sad”: the lament of the Tinelli family for a painful loss

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Marcelo Tinelli referred to the painful loss of Charly, the dog of his daughter Micaela.

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Not Tinelli He’s not having a good time and has made it clear on his social networks. It is there that Marcelo Tinelli’s daughter shared photos and messages Express your sadness at the loss of one of your pets. In addition, he received the support of his father and loved ones.

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Although she has long been established in Mexico, where she lives with her boyfriend, the footballer Lisandro López, the entrepreneur is currently in Buenos Aires and is accompanied by her family in this painful time.

It is worth mentioning that Mica arrived in Argentina in late May. “I’m staying until the end of June, one more month. Tijuana is a little difficult for me. I’m not for a full-time botinera “, he said at that moment in dialogue with LAM (America, from Monday to Friday at 8 pm), the cycle led by Ángel de Brito. Although he clarified that he already has a social circle there: “I feel good and in fact I have made friends with all the Argentines, I am also with one”.

Mica Tinelli complained on social media.  Instagram.

Mica Tinelli complained on social media. Instagram.

While in Buenos Aires it was that “Charly”, which was the name of the dog who accompanied her for 14 years, died.

It should be remembered that Mica, a lover of animals, has always been very attached to her pet and also to León, another of her dogs.

Both are like her “children” and have accompanied her in some of the most important moments such as some holidays and her move to Tijuana for the transfer of her boyfriend to the Xolos team.

Cande Tinelli's message for the death of her dog Instagram.

Cande Tinelli’s message for the death of her dog Instagram.

“Yesterday half of my heart with Charly was lost”, started writing Mica in an Instagram story, where he accumulates more than 2 million followers. And she continued: “I have never felt so sad, and I don’t know how I’ll not even have him with me. There are no words. At the moment, just a lot of pain. My little angel “

Cande Tinelli, who is recovering from a nose operation, also dedicated a message to the dog and was close to her sister at this particular moment.

“The most important thing is to know that he has lived the best life. With the best mom in the world “Coti Sorokin’s girlfriend wrote in the aforementioned social network. “Thank you for giving my sister so much love and happiness,” she later added along with another photo of the animal.

Of course the words of the former driver of Bailando (El Trece) who shared a picture of the dog and wrote: “How much we will miss you, beautiful and fiery black woman. You had the best mom in the world. I love you, Mica, “said Tinelli.

Marcelo Tinelli's message for his daughter's pet Mica.  Instagram.

Marcelo Tinelli’s message for his daughter’s pet Mica. Instagram.

“Fly high, handsome nigga. Have fun and hot. We still cry for you. You will always be with us in our hearts. I love you so much, Mica ”, Marcelo added in another history. “I love you dad. Thank you for holding me and always being with me,” she replied.

Even “Licha”, Mica’s partner, echoed the sad news and shared a few words on Instagram with her “best friends”. “Fly high, my black. I love you very much”said the athlete.

His father-in-law was the one who shared the message and thanked him for accompanying his daughter: “Thank you, Licha, for always giving so much love to Charly. You are a boy. I adore you”.

Marcelo Tinelli thanked "Licha" López for his message.  Instagram.

Marcelo Tinelli thanked “Licha” López for his message. Instagram.


Source: Clarin

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