The return of Tarja Turunen, the Finnish heavy metal lyrical soprano who lived in Argentina for ten years

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The return of Tarja Turunen, the Finnish heavy metal lyrical soprano who lived in Argentina for ten years

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Tarja Turunen, again heading to Argentina with a nice tour. Photo: Press/Tim Tronckoe

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Classically trained as a lyrical singer, Finnish Tarja Turunen immediately rose to fame on the heavy metal scene in the late ’90s with the band Nightwish. He achieved international success on the album Eleven and shortly after he launched himself as a soloist and lived nearly 15 years in Buenos Aires with his partner in Argentina.

Both because of Nightwish’s popularity and their own records with the Argentine public, along with their status as a local, played many times in the country and has a large number of fans. Now, after his 2020 tour was suspended due to the pandemic, he resumed live shows and will go to Thursday the 21st April at the El Círculo Theater in Beads in the rosary and the Friday 22 on broadway of Buenos Aireswithin the framework of his “Raw Tour 2022”.

Tarja Turunen.  Press photo/Tim Tronckoe

Tarja Turunen. Press photo/Tim Tronckoe

The idea is to show live his latest studio album, In Rawreleased in 2019 and characterized by a combination of sophisticated and fine orchestra, choirs and his classic voice with a raw and dark musical base.

The interview

The cover of Tarja Turunen’s latest album, “In The Raw”.

The cover of Tarja Turunen’s latest album, “In The Raw”.

From her new home in Marseille, Tarja recounted her intense activity during the pandemic years as well as the hardships she had to go through. He does not speak English and Spanish clearly, also combining one language when he speaks another.

“In March 2020 -he recalls- I had my European tour, because I was just starting the tour In The Raw, but I had to stop and send everyone home. Last year, I only did a few small celebrations and a few Christmas recitals. Nothing more! This will be my first tour after March 2020. “

-I’ll admit, at the beginning of quarantine you didn’t like the idea to rest a bit?

-I didn’t want that. We were surprised because we had a concert in Marseille, with the stage set up and everything. And the day of the show had to be suspended. I went to the fans who were devastated, and told my whole team that we would definitely be getting back soon.

Tarja Turunen.  Photo: press/courtesy Tim Tronckoe.

Tarja Turunen. Photo: press/courtesy Tim Tronckoe.

And it’s been almost two years.

-Yes. Of course I am happy to be home with my daughter and my family. I have been an absent mother for many years! But the start of quarantine turned out to be a shock on a psychological level and my body didn’t understand what was going on. I was robbed of chronic inflammation that was inexplicable due to the fact that I stopped for the first time in decades. I felt the impact of my body.

-How did you recover?

-One day I decided I couldn’t fight the universe and I started writing new songs and playing the piano. I felt more creative and improved, but the body took time to recover.

A side project and a book

At the end of last year, Tarja surprised us by releasing a few singles with Torsten Stenzel, an old project they had long postponed, called Outlanders. They will originally make their own versions of songs like world in my sightfrom Depeche Mode, but then we chose our own songs with talented guest guitarists, such as Joe Satriani, Al Di Meola and Trevor Rabin.

“That project – he explained – was underway before the pandemic, but it wasn’t my priority. I started doing it with my friend Torsten on the beautiful island of Montego, in the Caribbean, where he lives and where I have home in the summer … Every time I go we work together, but in no hurry.And thanks to the pandemic, I had time to finish it, record the vocals at home and interact with the guitarists. after this. Besides, I wrote a book. “

Tarja Turunen

Tarja Turunen’s book of photos and autobiographical texts, “Singing in my blood”.

-I would just ask why. Singing in my bloodwhich came out recently.

– It appeared during quarantine. A publisher asked me for a photo book, but I suggested writing more texts and telling a little bit of my story, and they liked the idea. It’s great to do this, because I’ve been to all my photo archives and to remember and remember the things I forgot. This is a very interesting process for the soul.

-A beautiful or painful process?

-Like everyone. Life is not just walking a path of rose petals, but I want to focus on my music and my creative world and my life, which is closely related to my music. Inspiring. I still consider myself a kid, but I found that I did a lot and I was lucky to do a lot of different things and I really enjoyed the music I made.

-This is my home in Marbella, Spain. We moved after living in Buenos Aires, five years ago. We found a nice place and built a house. Here I am closer to my family in Finland.

Tarja and Argentina

-Is your child Argentine?

-Yes. My husband is Argentine and my daughter was born in Buenos Aires and speaks three languages. She speaks to him in Spanish, I in Finnish and at school in English. I miss my fans in Argentina. I miss my friends, the food and the feeling of being there. I will be joining musicians from Europe and South America. We will finally meet, after a long time, so we are very excited and happy.


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