Mariano Iúdica will conduct Gerardo Sofovich’s classic on Sunday evening

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Mariano Iúdica will conduct Gerardo Sofovich's classic on Sunday evening

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Mariano Iúdica returns to America with a classic: “Sunday night”. Photo: Juan Manuel Foglia.

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This Sunday 26 a classic of the small screen returnsa cycle that, in 19 seasons, was installed with its own name on open television: Sunday evening. Now, Mariano Iúdica will fill the role of conductor which, for years, has been in the hands of Gerardo Sofovich, with games, contests, contests and many prizes, in all. four hours of live broadcastfrom 20 to 24 for America.

In this new version, there are two classics that will not be missingr: apple slice and jenga (with a guest on Sundays), two games that identify the program. “We will have about ten games and some that we are finishing organizing and will be added later,” says Mariano Iúdica, who is also producer of the series along with Gustavo Sofovich and his daughter Valentina.

The other games that will call several participants live will be the car game (the winner is whoever puts a paper airplane through the window); the one with the motorbike, in which you will have to guess what a delivery boy is carrying; that of the better half, where couples who are about to get married will participate and so they will be able to take the rings; and a naval battle, among many others.

Mariano Giudica.  "Sunday evening" will not miss the classic apple cut.  Press photo by Kuarzo

Mariano Giudica. “Sunday evening” will not miss the classic apple cut. Press photo by Kuarzo

Awards of all kinds

The prizes range from cash, cars, motorcycles, jewelry, appliances, and even a house. “The companies that want to participate are being added and then sections and prizes are being added”, the driver anticipates.

There will be also a cooking contest, for those over 70 years old and bring your own recipe (“grandmother’s recipes”), in which the technicians will try them and will be the judges. Another competition will be the talent contest, to demonstrate a certain skill: from singing or dancing to skating, or practicing karate; as well as mental and physical skill games.

“They will be competitions without having to go through a casting, they are open doors and so, whoever wants to, will have his five minutes of fame“, assures Iúdica.” The formula of the program has already worked, and it is the starting point, then it’s going to embroider in the air “, he says.” I’m used to it “.

Mariano Iúdica from June 26 will direct "Sunday night" in America, with 4 hours live.  Kuarzo Press Photo.

Mariano Iúdica from June 26 will direct “Sunday night” in America, with 4 hours live. Kuarzo Press Photo.

A TV classic

Sunday evening debuted in 1987, on Canale 13 e it has crossed almost all channels (Telefe, Canal 9, ATC and América TV y Magazine) in all its seasons, up to the 2013 final, always with Gerardo Sofovich at the helm and hundreds of guests.

“I can’t wait to do it, I’m very excited. This program is a giant brand that it was a success and for this I also feel a great responsibility; it’s something very popular, rooted in the collective unconscious, “says Iúdica.” It’s also important that Gustavo put something on his father again. I am happy to face this cycle. I believe that it is a way to honor Gerardo“.

According to Iúdica, the project to return to television, The night..., comes from before the pandemic. “I’ve wanted to do it for three years, because I like the idea of ​​everything happening a little bit on the show. But I was doing several things a week and I didn’t have the energy for four hours live, which exhausts you,” he says. “Now how are we leaving Controversy at the barI arrive more rested on Sunday “.

The driver ensures that the format is ideal for this moment. “The program It is designed to extend Sunday and that Monday never comesthey go over a little bit of that feeling they have on Sunday evenings and offer a lot of fun, even more so in this difficult time that many people are going through “.

As for the competition in the Sunday night time slot, Iúdica admits that it won’t be easy, with the format of The Argentine voice, on Telefe. “We already know that the competition will be furious, but Gerardo has also made it, with Tato Bores, with football. We trust the product and a wider audience that loves this game format,” he says.

Controversy at the Bar, also led by Mariano Iúdica, this year won a Martin Fierro.

Controversy at the Bar, also led by Mariano Iúdica, this year won a Martin Fierro.

The controversy over Martín Fierro

This year, another series with the Sofovich label, conducted by Iúdica, Controversy at the barwhich is not on air now, he won the Martín Fierro for Best Comedy Program, which generated some complaints as many bet he would win. blessedled by Beto Casella, on elnueve.

“Martín Fierros are like this, there is always someone asking questions. I believe that the two programs have been fundamental in these two years of the pandemic, they have provided entertainment and important company to many people in prison “, explains Iúdica.

And he adds: “I admire Beto a lot and that complaint was a thing of the moment, something that arrives on the networks and has its rules. Of course everyone wants to win, but I don’t get pissed off and Dispute… I deserve it.”


Source: Clarin

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