Morena Pereyra was fascinated by her interpretation and was moved by her example of life in La Voz in Argentina

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brunette He is 22 years old and his performance has fascinated all the coaches of La Voz Argentina (Telefe, Monday to Thursday, at 10pm; Sunday, at 10.30pm) while his example of life aroused admiration: she is blind, lives alone, works on technological issues in a library, plays the piano and sings like the gods.

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In the presentation before going on stage, the young woman from Burzaco, province of Buenos Aires, said: “I started with music at the age of 4 self-taught and when they saw that I had potential, I started singing lessons and learn the guitar by yourself. ”

I live alone and manage quite well He added. My days are usually getting up, writing a little, reading, going to work … And at work, adjusting the compus and helping. “

Morena Pereyra, 22, from Burzaco, has two passions: music and technology.  She catches the TV.

Morena Pereyra, 22, from Burzaco, has two passions: music and technology. She catches the TV.

Morena was a user of the Argentine Library for the blind, where she now helps other people with visual impairments to use technological tools that allow them to have greater autonomy.

My path has been from the beginning without seeingIt is not that I have lost anything or that I have lost my sight. I only saw some light, but the retina fell off, “Morena explained to Marley. She added that she lived alone for 4 months.” I have always had a tendency to live independently and my mother has helped with the move, “he explained.

We can all be autonomous people and get what we want despite the barriers we may have.r “, assured Morena before going on stage where she performed in” Don’t Let Me Lonely Tonight “.

“It was you, resentful!”

The reaction it aroused in the jury was unanimous: everyone turned the chair with the intention of inserting it in their respective teams. But the one who was prevented from doing so was Lali Espósito as she was blocked by Mau and Ricky.

“They just blocked Lali! Who blocked Lali?”Soledad Pastorutti exclaimed in surprise. On her side, Lali Esposito jumped off the chair like a spring and pointing to Ricky, she scolded him: “It was you, resentful!”.

Morena Pereira.  Capture the TV.

Morena Pereira. Capture the TV.

Ricardo Montaner asked Morena to sing a fragment of a song in Spanish. And he sang “Barro Maybe”, by Luis Alberto Spinetta, to the delight of the jury.

“You have a call to move people’s hearts,” Montaner told him. And he added delightedly: «You have hardly understood that call at your age and you are practicing it to the full. It is an excessive gift that God has given you. I don’t care who you choose as long as you stay with us singing every day. “

“What you got is strong. You have a bit of air that embraces and caresses, I’m dying to have you in my team”, asked Soledad Pastorutti, chosen by Morena.

Morena Pereyra decided to join Soledad Pastorutti's team.  Capture the TV.

Morena Pereyra decided to join Soledad Pastorutti’s team. Capture the TV.

“I thought I was losing her because of how Ricardo said so well!” La Sole was honest as she took the stage to give her team’s poncho to the attendee.

“I liked the color of Morena’s voice, that little voice that seemed broken up there, I liked it a lot and even more when she sang” Barro maybe. ” I said: ‘Little moment’, and I didn’t let them pass, “the folklorist later declared.


Source: Clarin

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