The vulgar gesture of ‘fuck you’ by Walter Queijeiro’s wife for Yanina Latorre

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In the last few hours he was surprised by an obscene gesture he made Andrea Riverawife Walter Queijeiroversus Yanina Torres then in a note of THEY (America, 8:30 pm) Share exclusive reunion images from many of the attendees of The Hotel of the Famous (El Trece, at 10:50 pm).

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Is that, of course, the recordings of the reality show El Trece are already finished and although, by contract, celebrities cannot appear publicly, the chronicler of THEY caught several of them at loccisano lochoone of the players who generated the most controversy in the competition.

Despite the rules of the contract, both Locho and Queijeiro, who still remain in the program hosted by El Chino Leunis and Carolina Pampita Ardohain, have made statements for the program Ángel de Brito, even if not specifically speaking of reality.

the showy It was the grotesque gesture of Andrea Rivoirawife of the sports journalist, before joining the celebration that took place in the home of the Locho family.

The particular gesture that Walter Queijeiro's wife made to Yanina Latorre.  Capture TV.

The particular gesture that Walter Queijeiro’s wife made to Yanina Latorre. Capture TV.

Queijeiro’s wife, who was also accompanied by one of his daughters, was tempted to see the cameras THEY Y took advantage of the opportunity to dedicate an unexpected greeting to Yanina Latorre, who was in the studio.

“Greetings, greetings to Yanina”he said and with a face of a few friends raised his middle finger, making the sign fuck off towards Diego Latorre’s wife. And before saying goodbye to her, she blew the camera a kiss and held up the same finger again. Spicy!

Yanina, faithful to her style, immediately replied to the journalist’s wife: “I’ll send you a kiss. She has a witch face! What a cultured woman, so beautiful and charming. Now I understand why your husband fart and freak out. I have proof of everything “.

Ángel de Brito said the reporter and his wife later contacted the program to apologize.

Ángel de Brito said the reporter and his wife later contacted the program to apologize.

Then, Ángel used his Twitter account and revealed the request made by the sports journalist after the brusque gesture dedicated to his speaker: “Then they called to apologize and please ask @yanilatorre not to answer or not show audio against #Locho #LAM.”

What Yanina Latorre had said against Walter Queijeiro

Two weeks ago, the controversial departure of Maximiliano Chanchi Estévez from The Hotel of the Famous (El Trece), dissatisfied with the elimination of Sabrina Carballo, left the game without turning back.

As a result of this situation, Walter Queijeiro, who had been one of the previously eliminated reality show participants, rejoined the reality show. And they talked about him THEY days ago recounting situations that had not aired and that according to witnesses were strong.

It was Yanina Latorre, who without too many preambles, fired: “There was a participant who, completely drunk, got into Silvina and Majo’s bed and the girls were unable to get him out. He also took off his belt, pants and shirt. “

The accusation surprised all the speakers, so the blonde leaned on De Brito, who was aware of the rumor but had no intention of saying it on the air.

Then, Yanina sent the reporter to the front for the alleged reaction he had had within the reality show: “I say so, it’s Walter Queijeiro”. This is what would have angered the journalist’s wife, who at the first opportunity to reply, took advantage of the space and replied with the particular gesture of the middle finger. Will she go back and forth?


Source: Clarin

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