The resignation of Diego Brancatelli after the closure of his supermarket due to economic crisis: “I have not dissolved”

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In recent days, Diego Brancatelli confirmed that, due to the economic crisis that is sweeping the country, it had to close “Don Ahorro”, the low cost supermarket it had opened with four partners during the pandemic in Caseros.

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The illusion of his own entrepreneurship lasted less than two years, but the journalist linked to Kirchnerism warned him plans to continue investing in another type of business.

consulted by Jorge Rial inside Argentina (C5N, Monday to Friday at 3pm) Brancatelli defended himself on this situation. “You decided to close your supermarket, what happened? Today I read someone who said: “He opened it with Macri and closed it with Alberto (Fernández)”the driver picked it up.

Diego Brancatelli made his defense after having to close his supermarket.

Diego Brancatelli made his defense after having to close his supermarket.

Before explaining why he closed the business, Diego clarified: “I opened with Alberto and I closed with Alberto. But it is not a question of opening or closing. We go looking for business units, always as they taught us to work. I bet that one does. We designed a type of business that wasn’t there from the start, with a profile we could never find. “

“The idea was to create a supermarket chain with branches all over the country and it was reduced to a shop, a neighborhood supermarket,” he complained.

And then he explained that he will not drop his arms and reinvest the money in another area: “Being four partners, our shop, when we get to the end of the month, the bill is better for us, using that shop for another business. And that’s what we’re going to do. ” Do: we will reinvent ourselves with something else and simply change. It’s not that bad. It was not what we expected. It works, it works and we can keep it. Now, for that item, it was not economically viable. “

Seeing the pictures of the supermarket, he hypothesized errors that could have been avoided in the initial business plan: “Note that the shop was not visible from the outside. There is the shop in the back and with a staircase. ‘A supermarket is I will not work. here because big people won’t get fat, they won’t lose bags of weight. From the outside you don’t notice that there is a market “, they warned me. It was one of the serious mistakes and I didn’t believe it, I thought that with the press I have, with the posters, when I advertise …“.

Diego Brancatelli and the facade of his market in Castelar.  Capture the TV.

Diego Brancatelli and the facade of his market in Castelar. Capture the TV.

“The place is already being rented for another business,” he said. “And what are you going to set up now, a sex shop?” joked Paulo Kablan, her partner. To which Brancatelli replied, amidst laughter: “And … it could be eh”.

Furthermore, the reporter clarified that this was not a business failure as many call it: “We’re not bad or worried. I haven’t melted, in fact. I don’t take that as something negative. I let them talk. I have had many employees and they are happy, everyone is happy “.

Regarding the business plan he had in mind, he tried to explain and explain the reasons why it did not go as planned: “The initial idea was to work with all SMEs and brands of the companies and the local brand industry. Low cost. It was to help people buy as cheaply as possible. In the midst of a pandemic, we dedicated ourselves, we had more time … “.

“But when all the business was reactivated, everyone had their job and it wasn’t worth continuing with something you can’t pay attention to. In business you always have to be on top. And if that doesn’t happen, there are business units that leave you more money and what’s coming will leave us more money. “he concluded, thrilled to be able to reinvent himself.


Source: Clarin

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