Jorge Rial talked about the loss of his daughter Morena’s pregnancy and bet against Laura Ubfal

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Jorge Rial talked about the loss of his daughter Morena's pregnancy and bet against Laura Ubfal

Rial spoke on Radio 10, where he was brief but still threw a stick at the reporter.

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Amid the euphoria of his return to television with the guidance of Argentina (C5N, Monday to Friday at 3pm) Jorge Rial He had to face some very difficult news: his daughter Morena lost a pregnancy during the weekend before their debut. Although the reporter preferred not to refer to the topic, the news was leaked the following Monday when he published it Laura Ufal into his portal and this forced him to speak.

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Recall that Morena had announced her pregnancy last April 20, a few weeks after introducing her new partner, the singer of the Cordovan quartet called Massimiliano Bertorello, known in the music scene as El Maxi. Included She posted a picture of the baby’s ultrasound on her social networksannouncing the arrival of a little brother for his three-year-old son Francesco.

My love, thank you for coming to give us the best news in this world. With your dad we are very happy to wait for you, eager to meet you and have you with us. Your two brothers already love you and are looking forward to taking care of you and playing with you. You are huge baby. We love you with our whole life. Simply thank you for this blessing, “was the message he dedicated at the time to the arrival of his new son, whom he eventually lost.

Jorge Rial reported that information about his daughter's pregnancy loss has been sold.

Jorge Rial reported that information about his daughter’s pregnancy loss has been sold.

Although in its debut in Argentina on television Jorge Rial did not make any reference to the subject, the next day, when the news was made public, he intervened in his radio space, to address the situation. “I really appreciate your concern. All is well, my daughter, and that is all I will saythat’s fine “, he began in defense, in front of the respectful silence of his teammates.

In addition, he thanked those who showed interest in their daughter’s health, but added a strong complaint, differentiating between those who communicated with him on the one hand and those who uploaded the information to the networks without checking how the family felt: “Not to some who have taken advantage of this situation to buy information on something sensitive”He threw.

After the turmoil in their relationship, today Morena and Jorge get along well.

After the turmoil in their relationship, today Morena and Jorge get along well.

So, He mentioned that someone at the clinic where his daughter Morena was admitted sold that exclusive and that there was a colleague who bought it and then published it. While he didn’t mention Ubfal directly in this case, all the guns indicated that he was referring to her for breaking the scoop.

Who sells it is HDP as who buys it. Especially a woman talking about another woman. I will say nothing more than this. I thank you from my heart, because I know you do it from the heart because you want to know how Morena is. He’s fine, all in all he’s fine. Thank you, “concluded Rial on his leave, visibly angry at the leak of the topic.

What Laura Ubfal had said about Morena Rial

Laura Ubfal published the news of Morena Rial's pregnancy loss.

Laura Ubfal published the news of Morena Rial’s pregnancy loss.

“Painful: More Rial lost her pregnancy and is hospitalized”, was the title of the note, accompanied by a photo of Morena published by Laura Ubfal. In the text, meanwhile, the journalist commented that “everything is under control, so much so that her father, Jorge Rial, made his debut on the screen of C5N, but Morena Rial, as we have learned, has been hospitalized since this Sunday in the city of Córdoba, after having lost the pregnancy of her second child “.

“We do not know the reasons for the loss of pregnancy, but of course we understand that it is a very painful time for any woman”the communicator closed the news, winning the scoop of the news which was then taken up by other portals.


Source: Clarin

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