Stranger Things will have its own spin-off, but “it will be 1000% different” from the series, its creators clarify

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Stranger Things will have its own spin-off, but

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The “Stranger Things” phenomenon does not stop and there are more and more speculations about what the spin-off will be like.

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It’s known: Unknown things 5 It has done nothing but confirm the Netflix series as the platform’s most successful global product.

In this context, speaking of continuation is not unusual, quite the opposite. Indeed, the creators of the series, Matt and Ross Duffer, are developing a spin-off of strange things, although it needs to be made clear from the start that it won’t be centered around characters like Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven or Joe Keery’s Steve.

It does not follow … I have read these rumors that there will be a spin-off of increasethat there will be a spin-off of Steve and Dustin or that it will be another number, “the Duffer Brothers said recently on the podcast. Happy Sad Confused. “This does not interest us because we have done all of this. We have spent I don’t know how many hours exploring all of this. So it will be very different“.

The creators of the series confirm that there will be a spin-off, but that it "will be very different" from what we are seeing.

The creators of the series confirm that there will be a spin-off, but that it “will be very different” from what we are seeing.

The Duffer Brothers have said the spin-off will be “1000% different” to the main series. And to explain it, they argue that the major connective tissue among the original program of strange things and the next spin-off will be “narrative sensibility” and not the main characters.

Not even Netflix knows

“We hope to find the right person to pass the baton to as we do new things,” said the Duffer Brothers, adding that they are “really excited” about their spin-off idea. The creative supply of showrunners ensures that not even Netflix knows what they are planning for the spin-off.

As for Unknown things 5The Duffer brothers told their fans that “the only reason we don’t expect it to be this long is because, if you look at it, it’s almost two hours before our kids really get involved in the supernatural mystery,” Matt said. .

“You know them, you see them in their lives, what they are struggling with, adjusting to high school and so on. Steve is trying to find a boyfriend and all those things that happen to young people … We will have to see the new season.

To warm up last season

To warm up last season’s engines, the Duffer brothers appealed to a categorical: “There will be deaths.”

“For the first time ever,” he continued, “we haven’t finished things at the end of season 4, so it will move. I don’t know if it will go 100mph at the beginning of 5, but it will move pretty fast. The characters will already be in action. They will already have a goal and a push, and I think they will give them at least a couple of hours and make this last season really different. “

Everyone speculated …

(And just in case, spoiler alert.) The final and definitive season, of course, has sparked conjecture and speculation for all tastes … especially about what it has to do with the deaths.

Any of the guys from the thick core, from whom he started in the first season, stay without making it to the end?

And it was they, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, who warned: “There will be deaths.”

And from that, there is a theory, followed by many, that seems to be foolproof when it comes to predicting which characters might leave the series and not arrive alive at the end of this season.

For instance, if yuri has disappeared (Yugoslavian Nikola Djuricko), the Russian smuggler more blackmail than a used car dealer, who is in Russia with policeman Jim Hopper (David Harbor), Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Murray (Brett Gelman) would not seem to bother many fans of the Netflix series.

Hand. There is a theory that many fans of the series with Winona Ryder are following, which seems, in one of those, which she says, indicates without margin of error who are the characters who die in. Stranger things.

Seen from today, far and far away, there is the cast of the series celebrating a success that would not stop in 2017.  Photo REUTERS

Seen from today, far and far away, there is the cast of the series celebrating a success that would not stop in 2017. Photo REUTERS

Without further ado, let’s face it.

The theory of B

The B Theory The trend that, in previous seasons, the characters who have died had something in common, other than living in the town of Hawkins, is that, and there is no doubt, in each season the character who has died has begun. his name with the same letter.

the B

Barb died in the first. Bob died in the second. And in the third the one we don’t want to see again – alive – is Billy.

But, and there is always a but, we discover that there are no characters left whose names begin with the second letter of the alphabet.

And the new ones?

Eddie, Argyle, Angela and Jason appeared. What if it was for Theory of B, and since they don’t even have that letter in their name, it could be guaranteed that they can sign a contract for the fifth season, which is known to be the last, but there is no news or when. They will start recording it.

But there is a family whose surname begins with B.

Have they already found out?

Sure, the Byers.

In this case, the answer is no “blowing in the wind”as Bob Dylan sang Blowing in the wind. It’s on Netflix.


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