Nadia, Analía Franchín’s granddaughter, whitened her ordeal and moved Georgina Barbarossa

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After revealing the difficult moment that his niece passes by Nadiavictim of gender-based violence at the hands of her ex and children, Thomas Y Benjaminwho have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and have also suffered child abuse and abuse from their father, Analia Francin he received his relative in the living room of at Barbarossa (Telefè, 9.30 am).

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After Paolo Cablan read live part of the dossier explaining the attacks that Tomás told a school teacher, speaker and former participant of Celebrity of the master chef He said: “Tomi grabbed the pillows, said it was Captain America and used them as a shield so that the shots hurt less, to protect himself from his father … East threw him to the ground, called him “fucking autistic”“.

“This started eight years ago, since the beginning of the relationship. Before with me, I had a message counter, I suffered psychological violence and there was a lot of discussion and then with the boys … A Thomaswho has atopic skin, told her “don’t scratch”, “don’t do it”, “don’t do it”, and then I got pregnant with Benjamin and the situation was worse “, revealed Nadia for her part.

Analía Franchín is going through a complicated family moment.  Capture TV

Analía Franchín is going through a complicated family moment. Capture TV

He beat me up and all along he believed he was an authority … My eldest son was hospitalized for harassment just received from his father’s family … “, he added.

In addition, Analía recalled that Nadia’s ex has a criminal case for “allegedly doubly outrageous sexual abuse“against one of her children. Meanwhile Nadia has assured that the father of her children”has a perimeter“and” I can not see the boys of the home exclusionwhich was in August 2020. ”

“I slept with Tomás and he with Benjamin … one day Benja did something very punctual that I said ‘so far I can handle’“, Analía’s granddaughter began by recalling and since she could not continue with her story, the speaker completed:” He called his member and she told him that ‘not that, that it was a private part, that it is not done ‘, and he said his father made it to him. “

Franchín's niece denounced her ex in court.  Capture TV

Franchín’s niece denounced her ex in court. Capture TV

“Tomás also has Tourette’s syndrome and it caused his deregulation. That is, he went into crisis … In one of those situations, too pushes it on the grass and his mother comes in and does nothing, “added the victim, hinting that his ex’s family is complicit.

According to Nadia, the first complaint was filed four years ago and she did not receive the answer she was looking for, which is why she continued to live with her children in those circumstances. “The pandemic has made everything worse.. She had four cameras inside the house, “she noted with anguish.

Eventually, the woman was heard when her eldest son’s teacher reported the incident. “There they excluded him from the house and I started being harassed by her familywho lived next door … they put music in everything they give to deregulate the kids, “added Nadia.

Analía and Nadia together with Georgina Barbarossa, Nancy Pazos and Paulo Kablan.  Capture TV

Analía and Nadia together with Georgina Barbarossa, Nancy Pazos and Paulo Kablan. Capture TV

And on Tomás’ state of health, he reported: “Walk and leave the blood on the floor itchy, does not even tolerate bandages and asks to be tied up. Now he is hospitalized with his therapeutic partner … For the father, don’t even ask. She is afraid of him. ”

“It’s been 13 years in total. I think up to I got used to living like this. At one point I had to apologize crying until sexual violence because she went out of her way to make him happy. He abused me, it was very strong, it was constant violence … He must be in prison, “concluded the woman.” A torturer, a psychopath, “said Georgina Barbarossa.


Source: Clarin

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