Diego Brancatelli was furious with Ángel de Brito’s program and exploded against America

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After completing his participation in intractable (America, Monday to Friday at 8pm), where he served on the jury for nine years, Diego Brancatelli (45) in this 2022 stopped working on the America channel.

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The reporter linked to Kirchnerism, who is currently part of Jorge Rial’s program on C5N, Argentina (Monday to Friday at 3pm), he used his Twitter account to send a strong message against the broadcaster.

“It’s a shame what @AmericaTV did with me yesterday. They used me. It wasn’t done.”Brancatelli said.

And he continued: “Zero code. I have to learn. Or be like them. When it’s no, it’s no. I can’t always be good. You have to be an ocean liner sometimes. Learning”.

Diego Brancatelli's Twitter message.

Diego Brancatelli’s Twitter message.

The reason for your anger

Upon consultation of ClarioneBrancatelli explained the reason for his comment and explained that it is related to the interview he gave THEY (America, Monday to Friday at 20:00) talking about his decision to close “Don Ahorro”, the low cost supermarket that he had opened with four partners during the pandemic in Caseros.

“I try to lower the drama. They are bets. The business is ours and it will continue to work with something else. We have had more personal mistakes than an economic situation. We have decided to change course and nothing else. I haven’t melted “said the journalist in a conversation with the chronicler of the cycle of Ángel de Brito.

“You must never stop trying. You must bet on the job. Don’t take the money out “Brancatelli added.

Diego Brancatelli, in the note he provided to LAM.  Capture the TV.

Diego Brancatelli, in the note he provided to LAM. Capture the TV.

After hearing it, Yanina Latorre was very critical of Brancatelli. “A guy who has just broken up and has just closed a business … he says it’s not a drama, the others close and don’t eat anymore. Brancatelli, tell me, what you invested was given to you by Cristina (Fernández de Kirchner) and why that doesn’t hurt you, “he threw.

“He tells people to keep betting on the country and not take their money overseas … he spends money overseas in Miami. Spending $ 100 eating in Miami is like opening an overseas account. And he says he doesn’t. it’s a drama, I see that a company closes that cries, goes bankrupt, has to pay taxes, labor lawsuits, compensation … But hey, for him everything is divine. I’ve never seen anything like it “Yanina continued.

In dialogue with ClarioneBrancatelli detailed his anger: “I didn’t want to talk about this topic, only in my programs. And exiting the channel, Angel’s reporter grabbed me and insisted on me for the note. I told him I didn’t want to but the we did it out of good humor, I made it clear that we didn’t close because of the crisis, but because of our mistakes, the lack of time … And then they presented the story in America and on the chart they put ‘Brancatelli closed the shop because of the crisis ‘. Insults, threats, accusations keep coming to me. And I made it clear in the note that I was not closing for this reason. “

“It was our fault for the bad administrators and for not having time. But they took her elsewhere. Traitor kings. They used me to hit the government, to sell an argument, they used me … and the truth is that this is not done “he completed, still bothered by the attitude of his colleagues.


Source: Clarin

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