Guillermo Coppola starred in an unusual incident and everything was recorded by a security camera

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The life of William Coppola it is full of surprises. Now, the former representative of Diego Maradona lived in unusual situation that ended in an accident when he met a fan.

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It all started when “Guillote” was walking down the street when suddenly he ran into a teenage girl who recognized him and He asked if they could take a selfie.

Then, while they were taking the picture, something unexpected happened: an unknown object hit Coppola’s head and caused an injury. A few seconds later, bewildered by what had happened, the media gathered and, surprised, tried to understand what had just happened.

The moment when a stick hits Guillermo Coppola's head.

The moment when a stick hits Guillermo Coppola’s head.

It was then that the building porter showed up on the spot and intervened to the entrepreneur, who was still upset by the situation.

The fact was shown in intruders (America, Monday to Friday at 1:30 pm) where they broadcast the Images recorded by the building’s security cameras.

Marcela Tauro, who in addition to being a speaker in the series of shows conducted by Flor de la Ve, is a partner of Coppola in That’s not all (La 100), explained that the entrepreneur was afraid because «the first thing he thought the girl wanted to rob himwho told him the story of his uncle “.

“Then the building manager comes out and start an entire investigation”Said the reporter about the situation which led the worker to run outside to see what was happening.

But a few minutes later, the origin of the object that hit Guillermo’s head was finally revealed. “It was a stick that a dog plays with in the building. From the fifth floor, the stick fell and hit him in the head. He hurt him, huh, “Tauro detailed.

Before the accident, Guillermo Coppola had just faced a scandal with Mavys Álvarez

In recent months Guillermo Coppola has been at the center of the scene for the scandal triggered by the statements of Mavys Álvarez, the Cuban who said that had an abusive relationship with Diego Maradona.

The woman told about the difficult situations she experienced during her love story with Diego when he lived in Cuba with Coppola, who was his representative at that time.

Guillermo Coppola with Diego Maradona, Mavys Álvarez and another woman.  Photo: AFP

Guillermo Coppola with Diego Maradona, Mavys Álvarez and another woman. Photo: AFP

Mavys was with the deceased star when she was a minor and said she got hit and stuff he had forced her to take drugs and undergo breast surgery.

In the midst of the scandal that included the woman’s coming to Argentina to testify, Guillote was consulted on the matter. “People later tell you ‘how are you there and haven’t you seen it?‘. There were many people in Cuba, there were many “, said the businessman and assured that he had witnessed” a love story “between Diego and Mavys.

Speaking of his former representative, Coppola said: “I know what he suffered, how much it cost him to fight against the drug scourge. I remember him and I want him to rest in peace. Diego gave me unforgettable things. Is he wrong? Everyone else. , me too. At the level of crime? Never”.


Source: Clarin

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