Verónica Llinás crossed paths with Silvina Batakis and generated strong reactions in the networks

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Verónica Llinás crossed paths with Silvina Batakis and generated strong reactions in the networks

Llinás was posted on Twitter, where he usually expresses his opinion on politics.

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Yes, OK Silvia Batakis For some days he has been Minister of the Economy of the Nation, some of his statements on the progress of his administration have already aroused reactions. “The right to travel collides with the right to work”, was one of the phrases that attracted the most attention and earned him harsh criticism from Veronica Lilli.

The actress regularly expresses her opinion on politics on her Twitter account, where she accumulates nearly 150,000 followers. And now, aware of what the new official had said linking the right to expatriate with the right to work, it has been sent

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“I would humbly say, without knowing the economy, that what clashes with the generation of work is not the right to travel, but the ineffectiveness and corruption of the ruling classes”. Llinas challenged.

As happens before this type of reflection, especially when they come from the entertainment sector, many followers have come to the crossroads. “Your sentence is bullshit”one person wrote. “You voted for them. Let’s bank. The end.”another pointed out.

In general terms, many reminded Llinás of his support for the Kirchner government. “Okay, they voted for the shit, they campaigned, they cried through all the channels and punished us all. I apologized on my knees. Accomplice,” asked a third party, quite angry at the actress.

For this, before the cataract of questions, Llinás crossed paths with some tweeters. “No, of course, I’m sorry for someone who puts in her presentation ‘Everything happens … everything comes, everything changes … nothing is forever’ my sentence must be too banal”, the actress launches ironically.

Later, Llinás went back and forth with some of those who questioned her: “Stop crying, Verónica,” one Internet user wrote to her. “I’m not crying, I’m laughing out loud,” she replied.

“If Veronica got off this ship, it’s the end”the journalist Federico Aikawa reflected. “I can never get off a ship I’ve never been on, sir. If you consider yourself anything like a reporter, do a little research before you speak, “retorted the actress.

What were the statements of Silvina Batakis that angered Verónica Llinás

“When one buys overseas and those dollars are the ones that should have gone to the manufacturing sector, we are damaging the future of all Argentines,” said Silvina Batakis. “This does not mean that we will implement measures now,” she added.

But then came the question of whether after the departure of Martín Guzmán, the former minister, he will implement more restrictions regarding access to dollars and, therefore, the official gave his most controversial answer: “The right to travel clashes – or emphasizes – with the right to create jobs ”.


Source: Clarin

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