Eduardo Feinmann’s solidarity action: he helped a 7-year-old boy to improve his quality of life

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Eduardo Feinmann's solidarity action: he helped a 7-year-old boy to improve his quality of life

Eduardo Feinmann, host of Miter radio, helped Bastian (7) obtain a special wheelchair.

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Although it is common to hear the definitions that radio is service, information and entertainment, in this case it should also be added that it is solidarity. At least that’s how he understands it Edward Feinmanwho in your schedule someone has to say (Radio Miter, Monday to Friday at 6am) was involved in a story in which ended up helping 7-year-old Bastián improve his quality of life.

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Bastián needs an orthopedic chair which does not arrive in the country due to import problems. In December they were ordered to have the chair. Today orthopedic equipment does not arrive due to import problems. They don’t have a deadline, “the reporter told his audience, moved by the injustice of the situation.

Soon after, he communicated with Silvia, the boy’s mother, who gave him the details of the process they are going through: “The lack of sensitivity to put in the same bag … I am outraged that these gentlemen are angry and put in the same bag. for orthopedics, which is health. The seat to be able to transfer my son, who had a hip operation, is blocked in the port of Buenos Aires“, He explained.

Eduardo Feinmann took advantage of his radio show to help a child.

Eduardo Feinmann took advantage of his radio show to help a child.

Basti almost lost his life, has a very complex pathology, a degree of allergy never seen before. A few days ago he went into anaphylactic shock. You can’t wait that many months. I wish politicians would put a hand on their heart and be sensitive to our children, ”her mother shivered with her story.

So Feinmann took the floor, took the glove and promised to continue with the matter in depth until it was resolved. “There are parents who have been waiting for the equipment for a year and a half. What they are doing is crazy, it is something criminal. Hopefully the politicians will take care of the kids, “he added.

“Today it depends on a lawyer named Guillermo Michel (director of customs). I’ll do everything I can to get him to do something to take the job out. Let’s try it, “he said on the air.

A few minutes later, Feinmann enthusiastically announced that the problem was well on its way and that the solution to freeing the wheelchair was within reach. “Michel is writing to me to be able to communicate with you”he told Silvia about the end of communication.

Eduardo Feinmann’s emotion for solidarity action

consulted by Clarione about the episode, Feinmann happily said: “We managed to solve the problem on the same day. Great management of the customs director Guillermo Michel, who unlocked various procedures of different bodies “.

Eduardo Feinmann is Esmeralda's father and has empathized with the child's story.

Eduardo Feinmann is Esmeralda’s father and has empathized with the child’s story.

These stories always move me. And I feel that the radio is a service. Having a microphone as powerful as that of Radio Miter, and not using it to help, is a shame “, commented the reporter.

Finally, he referred to the lack of responses from the political class to such sensitive issues for society: “I cannot believe that the government is so insensitive to these kinds of public health problems. When from La Rosada they tell you: the state takes care of you, in this case they did not take care of this little boy“He concluded, with his usual confrontational style.


Source: Clarin

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