Sea Monster: How is the animated film that Netflix wants to get an Oscar with

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Red Burst, Jacob and Maisie. What if the bad guys weren’t so bad? Netflix photos

To Jacob, who is as agile as Maui Moanabut white, very white, he was saved from a board floating in the sea by Captain Crow.

Crow, who despite having an eye patch is not a pirate, also has something else in mind: a feeling of vengeance that devours his huge body. It is capturing and killing Red Burst, that monster from the title of the film – which could be female, that is, a monster – which was the one that left him without an eye.

Two orphans: Maisie and Jacob, who sooner or later had to meet.

Two orphans: Maisie and Jacob, who sooner or later had to meet.

Okay, not all the guys have seen or read Moby Dickbut it is clear that Chris Williams, yes.

another little orphan

The other protagonist, with whom Jacob will come across sooner or later, is Maisie. The little orphan reads a book to her classmates at the orphanage that tells the fantastic adventures of monster hunters, including Jacob and Crow, until she decides to escape and join the crew of the Inevitable, as the ship is called .

Attacks on the high seas are frequent ...

Attacks on the high seas are frequent …

As a cop, of course.

The film begins as a truly impressive flurry of adventures, but then they took their foot off the gas and stitched up the plot with touches of humor. Obviously the interaction between Jacob and Maisie must have been tinged with tenderness, but the dynamism of the beginning doesn’t come to an end.

Maisie is a little monster.

Maisie is a little monster.

sea ​​monsterwe said, it has a mirror in which it is reflected, that is How to train your dragon. There is a civilization that feels very united and that in order to survive it must do just that, stand together to face the external threat, those extremely dangerous and lethal supernatural creatures.

For something that kings send out to sea, or where the maps mark nothing, the hunters take out and bring back the horns of those beasts, in order to live in peace.

Maisie, Captain Crow, with an eye patch, and Jacob: danger at sea.

Maisie, Captain Crow, with an eye patch, and Jacob: danger at sea.

The film is politically correct. It includes characters of different races (Maisie and Captain Crow’s right hand are black, as they are not African American, because we are talking about a king here, there is a bagpiper and this must be in the days of the English Empire, although nothing is clarified), On board the ship there are several women in important roles.

There are some things the film doesn’t explain, like a certain character who appears to die but doesn’t.


Animation takes a step forward in “Sea Monster”.

It does not matter. Since the entertainment is valid, a weekend with holidays and rains is coming. And if not, the winter holidays are just around the corner.

“Sea monster”


Adventures / Animation. United States, 2022. Original title: “The best of the sea”. 115 ‘, ATP L. Of: Chris Williams. With the voices of: Karl Urban, Dan Stevens, Jared Harris, Zaris-Angel Hator. Available in: Netflix.

Source: Clarin

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