Rocío Pardo whitened the reason for his separation from Ulises Bueno and the musician posted enigmatic messages

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Rocío Pardo whitened the reason for his separation from Ulises Bueno and the musician posted enigmatic messages

The relationship between Pardo and Bueno was born in “ShowMatch”, where they shared a team in 2021.

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Although for a few days the separation between Good Ulysses Y dew brown It was a secret of Pulcinella, now the words of both protagonists confirmed it. The surprising thing about the case is that they didn’t even agree on the version provided by eachthrough the stories on their Instagram accounts, after a love relationship that lasted a year and a half.

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On Saturday afternoon it was Rocío who made a kind of statement, to tell his vision of events. And, above all, to clarify – according to her – this the separation with the singer took place on good terms.

“I want to share with you through this medium that With Uli we decided to distance ourselves, each taking the best of the other. Like any couple going through this situation, we will experience the process in our own way. We love each other very much and will always wish each other the best “, begins the text written by Rocío.

Rocío Pardo's statement confirming the separation with Ulises Bueno.  Instagram

Rocío Pardo’s statement confirming the separation with Ulises Bueno. Instagram

The reasons and speculations that have been published (false jealousy) are not true. Today our paths go in a different direction. Very grateful to everyone for accompanying and supporting us all this time, “the dancer said goodbye, receiving many comments about it.

However, a few hours after Rocío’s post, it was Ulises who uploaded several stories to his account, in which he has 934,000 followers, giving his point of view on the separation. Though sowed the doubt whether it is the lyrics of a new song, if he talks about a couple broken up in a generic way or if he answered his ex on time.

The striking posts of Ulises Bueno, after Rocío's statement.

The striking posts of Ulises Bueno, after Rocío’s statement.

I asked your forgiveness without it being my faultI told you that nothing was happening and everything was happening to me… ”, he wrote in an Instagram story.

“I told you nothing hurt when in reality everything hurt, Come to think of it, I was the one who always lied to you. How much damage have I done to myself by always lying to you … “, he wrote in another.

“I told you it was okay when my heart was broken”Ulises said, opening the question of whether it’s a new song or whether it referred to how the relationship with his ex ended.

What were the other versions of the separation of Ulises Bueno and Rocío Pardo

The first information that has transcended in the journalistic media, spoke of a bad relationship between the two. “They walk each by his side, up to the sparks”commented from the environment of the Cordovian musician when the news began to spread.

Precisely this was what the dancer denied in her post, especially when she referred to the issue of jealousy, as the first versions had to do with the fact that the dancer did not support Ulises’s relationship with some of his fans.

Even in a relationship from which they did channel twelve of Córdoba on the subject went further and talked about the fact that they had returned the house they had rented together and that everyone already lived in a different place.

Ulises Bueno, featured as Joaquín Sabina, alongside Rocío Pardo in "The ShowMatch Academy" in 2021. Photo: La Flia

Ulises Bueno, featured as Joaquín Sabina, alongside Rocío Pardo in “The ShowMatch Academy” in 2021. Photo: La Flia

It should be remembered that Ulises and Rocío met when they both attended the inauguration of ShowMatcheven if they made it official only in the summer of 2021. “The first is with the naked eye, its beauty is what attracted me the most for four years“, said the singer at that moment.

But she was having an affair and we couldn’t connect. There was a pending topic and when we met we realized we had a lot in common. The understanding in art that everyone has, works from the same thing, making art. We connect from the artist mode, “he added.


Source: Clarin

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