Romina Richi directs a documentary on the director Alfredo Arias

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The theatrical universe represented in the musical comedies of the famous director Alfredo Arias meets in a new documentary made by the actress Romina Richie. In fanRichi in his role as director records the creative process, rehearsals and the show’s premiere in France The Tiger.

fan, After being presented last year at the Bafici, it will premiere on Thursday 14 July at the Gaumont Cinema.

Born in the municipality of Remedios de Escalada, in the district of Lanús, Arias started in the art from happenings Y shows which were made when it was part of the legendary Di Tella Institute in the 1960s. Shortly thereafter, in 1969, Arias settled in Paris, where he forged a successful career thanks to his particular dramaturgy.

fan.  The documentary directed by Romina Richi about Alfredo Arias and the creative process of his opera "El Tigre".  Photographic print

fan. The documentary directed by Romina Richi about Alfredo Arias and the creative process of his opera “El Tigre”. Photographic print

Although he has periodically returned to Buenos Aires since 1986, the actor has also concentrated his work in France, where he was recently decorated as a Knight of the National Order of Merit, one of the two highest awards granted by the French government to personalities of culture. This decoration is added to others such as Knight, Officer and Commander of Arts and Letters in that country.

With an important career developed internationally from his working base in Paris, Arias also came to work in Argentina where, among other operas, he staged operas at the Colón Theater and presented the productions. Mortadella and tattoo, The seated woman Y family of artists, Moreover.

in the documentary fanRichi has decided to take on almost all the creative and technical roles to follow Arias, as the protagonist of the film, along with the cast of his work.

The documentary was shot in Paris and includes some moments in the city of Buenos Aires.  Photographic print

The documentary was shot in Paris and includes some moments in the city of Buenos Aires. Photographic print

Shot in Paris with some passages in Buenos Aires, the feature film records from the first day of rehearsals to the last performance of The Tigernarrated with the voice of Arias himself, reflecting on his career, his work and the history of theater and cinema.

What is “The Tiger” about?

In The Tigerthe action revolves around Holy, a film fanatic transvestite who celebrates screen stars by reincarnating them in his memorable films: that night he prepares to revive Lana Turner in Imitation of life. The curious thing is that this ceremony attracts the spirit of the real star, persecuted by her daughter Lanita, who orders her to return to her grave.

The cinematic limits of Holy and Lana Turner will be usurped by the appearance of Vampira, the emblematic character of Ed Wood, famous for being considered the worst director in the history of cinema, and the one who claims to be the protagonist of the evening.

With the reflections of the artist, one of the Argentines of greatest international impact, the essays of the work The Tiger and the voice of its protagonists, through Richi’s eyes, allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the creative universe of Arias.

Fantarias, directed by Romina Richi, has music by Fito Páez.  Photographic print

Fantarias, directed by Romina Richi, has music by Fito Páez. Photographic print

The film also has music by Fito Paez and Richi appears in the roles of director, screenwriter, director of photography and camera operator. For his part, in the documentary, in addition to Arias, they appear Alessandra RadanoCarlos Casella, Denis D’Arcangelo, Arielle Dombasle, Alexie Ribes and Andrea Ramirez.

“I was in Paris and I met Alfredo through a mutual friend. I went to see a show he was doing, called sistersI was very passionate about, so I asked him if he would leave me a little behind the scenes and film something, “Richi said in an interview with the Télam agency, about the genesis of his film.

The actress reported that with this material she then made a short film. But the idea expanded when she Arias told him she would The Tiger and that this work spoke in some way of cinema.

“Then it occurred to me that it might be a good time to make a feature film. I asked Alfredo for permission and I chased him all over France to get him to sign the authorization,” says the actress. “He made it clear to me that they had already proposed it to him and that he didn’t want to, but in the end he accepted.”

Romina Richie.  L

Romina Richie. The actress took charge of the entire creative production of the documentary “Fantarie”. Photographic print

Later, Richi got organized, shot a bit in Buenos Aires and then settled in Paris, where she decided to take on the role of cameraman herself so that “everything was more intimate and there weren’t many people so as not to interrupt it. “. or disturb “during rehearsals and production of the show.

The actress assures that facing all the roles was very stressful, but at the same time a task she enjoyed. “It was a lot, but I liked it and it was also difficult. In fact, afterwards it was quite difficult for me to grab the camera and hang it up; one touch was already sleeping with the camera, it was too much. I had 180 hours of recording in three months: I had to use everything “.

learning and dedication

What followed the shooting also had its share of learning and great dedication. “Editing, after filming it, made it easier for me because I remembered everything. The question of where to start in the edition, I didn’t know where,” she says.

In a review of the experience, Richi recalls: “One day the idea of ​​taking Alfredo to a recording studio was enlightened to me and I asked him a few questions and recorded his voice. It was a discovery, because from then on he guided me with the script of the work: I was also advancing with the film from work. It was a very complex process. “

When asked about the motivation she had in tackling this new project, the actress says: “I wanted to record, above all, the creative process of an artist like Alfredo, who is one that, when I saw him, fascinated and caused me a lot of admiration and respect “.

Looking forward to the premiere of fan, Richi is rehearsing a play, which he also directs and which will premiere on August 5 at La Plaza Complex. He is called Don’t go with or without loveby Norman Briski, where she will share the stage with Leonora Balcarce and Lucila Mangone.

At the same time, it continues with the functions of Genre, directed by José María Muscari, and preparing other film projects. “I have very different things that have been proposed to me and I have to see what I do. Also, I am recording a series for Star +. But, mainly, I am devoted to my new theatrical production company.”

Source: Clarin

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