Robert Downey Jr. paid for Armie Hammer’s rehabilitation

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Robert Downey Jr. paid for Armie Hammer's rehabilitation

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Armie Hammer in 2015, star and Hollywood times.

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Armie Hammer practically disappeared from Hollywood last year, after the serious allegations of rape and cannibalism, but now it is known that he had the help of a friend: Robert Downey Jr.

As investigated by Vanity Fair magazine, star of Hombre de Hierrowhich in the past has had its fair share of excesses, has paid for it six months of rehabilitation after the scandal was made public.

Armie Hammer was accused by his former partners of inciting violence.

Armie Hammer was accused by his former partners of inciting violence.

An anonymous source confirmed that Downey funded Hammer’s stay at the Guest House, a popular 52-acre rehabilitation center in the city of Silver Springs, Florida, where he interns personalities from the world of politics and entertainment.

And as it became known just a few days ago, he then moved to the Cayman Islands, where he escaped the media siege and worked as a salesman for timeshare vacation plans.

It is now also reported that Downey loaned him a house in Los Angeles and that Hammer went to a meeting of alcoholics anonymous in Malibu.

son of millionaires

Armie Hammer in quieter times: delivering an Oscar.

Armie Hammer in quieter times: delivering an Oscar.

Hammer is the great-grandson of billionaire oil entrepreneur Armand Hammer, but he has always claimed to have no connection with his family’s fortune, which would explain the home loan, rehabilitation financing and his employment in the Caymans.

“The truth is, he’s broke and trying to make money to support his family,” the insider told the magazine.

Hammer’s attorney would neither confirm nor deny Armie’s employment in the Cayman Islands, but said, “I find it scary that he was criticized for having a regular job outside of acting.”

According to other sources, “Everyone thinks Armie had a life of privilege, but that’s not necessarily the case. Having a childhood without financial problems doesn’t mean there are other kinds of problems.”

TMZ news

Armie Hammer belongs to a family of oil magnates.

Armie Hammer belongs to a family of oil magnates.

Based on reports reaching them, TMZ reporters suggested last week that Armie Hammer would pursue a new profession on the Caribbean island.

Apparently, last month he sat down at a resort with a couple of clients and talked to them about the benefits of having a temporary home in the Caymans, as well as sharing the price of the property for a set amount of time.

The same media reported that “a possible buyer” assures that Armie has outlined a plan that would cost $ 2,020 a week.

Showtime producer Muna Mire instead shared photos in which the actor would have been seen at the Morritt’s Resort hotel, in the British archipelago, while exercising his new job.

Hammer’s rep reached out to TMZ and confirmed the actor had a friend who worked at a Caribbean resort, but said he didn’t know if the actor was working in the Caymans or not.

According to sources consulted by Variety, they denied that Hammer was an employee of the resort. One worker said Armie was “not recently hired” and is simply “lingering in the facility”.


Source: Clarin

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