Why did Juliette Binoche refuse to shoot with Steven Spielberg three times?

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Why did Juliette Binoche refuse to shoot with Steven Spielberg three times?

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Juliette Binoche and her reasons for saying “no” three times to the great American director. AFP photo

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It turns out that the Oscar winner Juliet Binoche had at least three opportunities to work with Steven Spielbergbut in the end he had to refuse them all.

like the star of The unbearable lightness to be revealed to Variety, there were always scheduling problems that made it impossible to meet the brilliant director. Apparently the person in charge Shark I had summoned her on purpose collaborate on titles of the stature of Indiana Jones and the last crusade, Schindler’s List Y Jurassic Park.

In dialogue with Variety, Binoche said the director had recently reminded him of the (dis) meeting. “The first time he called me it was to ask indiana jones 3but I was just doing bridge loverswith Leo Carax.

A scene repeated in recent years, Juliette Binoche as one of the stars of the Cannes Film Festival.  AFP photo

A scene repeated in recent years, Juliette Binoche as one of the stars of the Cannes Film Festival. AFP photo

not three times

Steven’s second attempt was to summon me Schindler’s List…, I was pregnant and then for the dinosaurs, but I was already committed Blue Blanc Rouge (film by Krzysztof Kieslowski). it would have been fun to do Jurassic Park to see how Spielberg makes the film, but at the same time, Spielberg is more of a male directorbah, just like Scorsese … “

Spielberg and Scorsese … sexists?

Binoche, however, added that despite the gender issue keeping her somewhat biased and aloof, she would be more than open to working with someone like Spielberg or Martin Scorsese.

Sure, I wouldn’t hesitate! While I find their perspective and approach to cinema to be very commercial, they both have a fabulous technique that they possess like no other. They are also extraordinary storytellers. Oh good, what I feel is that women are missing in your films “, She said.

"Scorsese and Spielberg are more male directors," Binoche scolded them.  AFP photo

“Scorsese and Spielberg are more male directors,” Binoche scolded them. AFP photo

Binoche, in fact, referred to the topic in 2016, when the wave of the gender issue began to splash everything, and pointed out how she had come to publicly confront both Scorsese and Spielberg about the lack of female representation in their blockbuster films.

He has a very feminine side of himselfBinoche said of Scorsese. “But for me, he doesn’t explore it in his work.”

Binoche comes from a family of artists. The intervention of him in the film André Techine, Rendez Vous (1985), catapulted her to fame, making her one of the most recognized actresses in her native France. She made her debut in Anglo-Saxon cinema three years later, precisely with the unbearable lightness of being in 1988, which marked the beginning of an exceptional career.

And the Oscar goes to … her

Juliette, who won a Oscar Best Supporting Actress for The English patientrecently acted Both sides of the bladefrom claire denisabout a woman disturbed by the reappearance of an old flame.

Moment of glory for Juliette: 1996, wins l

Moment of Glory for Juliette: 1996, she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for “The English Patient”.

“During the recording time, it leaves you absolutely free …” Binoche said IndieWire on Denis, with whom he worked previously Let the sunshine in.

“And if you want to do another take because you weren’t happy with your performance in front of the camera, they’ll be happy to oblige. So, the trust he has in me makes me happy because when the director tries to control the actor, you understand the fear the director has. But when the director trusts the actor, you feel like they’re giving you wings. “


Source: Clarin

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