Luciana Salazar’s discomfort when asked about the rumors about the love story with Julián Álvarez

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Luciana Salazar's discomfort when asked about the rumors about the love story with Julián Álvarez 

Luciana Salazar referred to the rumor about the romance with Julián Álvarez.

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A Luciana Salazar He was directly asked about the rumors about the romance with Julian Alvarezthe former River forward was recently traded to England’s Manchester City.

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In dialogue with at Barbarossa (Telefe, Monday to Friday at 9:30 am), the media, on holiday in Europe, spoke with the friend Marcelo Polinowho in his radio cycle told of having found Luciana talking to a young footballer of the Argentine national team.

“I won’t ask the player because I made a mess without realizing it”Polino recognized. “Yes, from those 20,000 names appeared,” Salazar said. “I am not responsible for anything. I have my private life under lock and key,” the media continued, trying to avoid the subject.

Luciana Salazar is on vacation in Europe. Photo: Instagram,

Then, Bailando’s former jury fired her friend: “I’m going to tell what reality was like … I was talking to Luli and she was on her cell phone. ‘Luli, who are you talking to?’ I don’t understand anything about football, but I saw one with a River T-shirt. I swear I didn’t know who he was. The only thing I said to him was ‘tell me about the boy’s sentimental situation so as not to get in trouble’. And he told me ‘single’. And I went away quietly “.

Noe Antonelli, speaker of the Georgina Barbarossa cycle, asked him directly: “Is it Julián Álvarez?” A little uncomfortable, Luciana reiterated: “Guys, it’s not bad, it’s my private life, they won’t get anything from me.”

“Is it true that Julián Álvarez, who is your friend, is giving him goals?”Antonelli insisted.

“No, I’m not going to talk about my life, really. All I’m going to say is that I’m here in Europe and I’m having fun. I’m doing a nice tour of Europe, in a few days I will be with my daughter who is with her grandparents “, said Matilda’s mother, inflexible in her position.

In her relaxing days, the model, who traveled a little over a week ago, has already passed through Saint-Tropez and Monte Carlo, and is now in Milan, Italy.

For his part, Julián Álvarez is in Miami, in the United States, to make the preseason with his new team under the orders of Pep Guardiola.

Blue suit: Julián Álvarez is a Manchester City player. Blue suit: Julián Álvarez is a Manchester City player.

Luciana Salazar expressed her opinion on the marriage of Martín Redrado and Lulú Sanguinetti

Then, Luciana was asked about the celebration of love that her ex, Martín Redrado, made with Lulú Sanguinetti in one of the most beautiful and exclusive places in Italy: Villa Balbiano.

The media made it clear that the party was not a wedding: “I don’t know anything. I never heard from him that he will get married. For me, getting married is getting married civilly or in the Church. I know he married Ivana through the Church “Luciana pointed out, referring to Ivana Pagés, the economist’s ex-wife.


Source: Clarin

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