“Don’t fall”: a controversial video of Nicole Neumann with her daughter provoked the fury of Micaela Viciconte

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Micaela Viciconte opened a new battle front in their war against nicole neumann. Is that the wife of Fabián Poroto Cubero criticized the model for having registered the youngest daughter of her, Sienaduring a dangerous ride on the snow instead of helping her not to get hurt.

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In detail, the jury of The 8 million steps (El Trece, at 2.30 pm and 9.15 pm) she went on vacation with her boyfriend, the driver of Turismo Carretera José Manuel Urceraand the three daughters he had with Cubero, in San Martín de los Andes, in the province of Neuquén.

And between snowmobile rides, descent to the mountains with her snowboard and succulent meals in the mountain huts in the area, the famous model he crossed a treacherous part of the wood surrounding the skating rink together with their young.

The youngest daughter of Nicole Neumann and Poroto Cubero, stuck in the snow.  video capture

The youngest daughter of Nicole Neumann and Poroto Cubero, stuck in the snow. video capture

It is in this context that the motorist and faithful defender of animal rights shared in his stories on Instagram, where he is followed by almost two million users, a recording in which he clearly sees how Siena gets stuck in the snow and with serious walking difficulties he manages to get out of that winding path that had a precipice at his side.

Where have you been, Sienni?“Nicole is heard saying, as she laughs and her daughter slips. Then, as the amount of snow accumulated was so great, the girl tripped. “Careful!!!!”, warns the model. And a second later, he adds aloud, “Don’t fall, please.”

Those images outraged the mother of Luca. the first child between Viciconte and Cubero, who, as expected, did not hesitate to express his opinion on the matter and did so publicly. In a story that has risen to the aforementioned social network, the first Fight he began by saying: “What you think is funny is totally the opposite“.

Instead of filming her, help her cross a risky place. Prevent before hardening. It falls there and it could happen to adults. We take care of minors. It’s bad. Be aware, “continued the new mother.

The anger of Micaela Viciconte with Nicole Neumann.

The anger of Micaela Viciconte with Nicole Neumann.

In turn, the latest sample of Celebrity of the master chef He added on another plaque that he uploaded in his stories: “We are communicators and we must be responsible for what we do and say “. And she closed, frank: “This is where the argument ends for me.“.

The influencer asked (indirectly) the model to be more responsible.

The influencer asked (indirectly) the model to be more responsible.

Nicole Neumann’s latest statements on Micaela Viciconte and Fabián Cubero

Last week, when Nicole Neumann was consulted on the viral challenge Mica Viciconte had done with Fabián Cubero and his daughters, she downplayed the matter. “As long as my girls are having fun, it’s okay,” she told her of the fashion game that Indiana, Allegra and Sienna played with her father and her father’s girlfriend.

The reporter’s question was that, in that challenge, He didn’t “hit” Nicole’s daughters in the face with traditional flour tortillascommonly called quickie, and vice versa.

“The truth is that I dedicate myself to enjoying life. To concentrating on all the beautiful things that are happening to me. As long as my daughters are happy, I am barbaric“, the well-known model closed the matter, who also took advantage of that opportunity to clarify that she had not seen that video since Don’t follow your ex or current partner on social media.


Source: Clarin

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