On the verge of tears, Rodrigo Lussich told why he had not yet made the decision to become a father

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Rodrigo Lussich’s emotion when he talks about his life projects. Capture the TV.

“Maybe I didn’t dare to ask for more, maybe it has to do with my limit of going more and being able to say well, am I able to give up being so attentive to myself and being attentive to someone else?” “I think I envy those who can do it,” Rodrigo launched.

Adoption, the option that Rodrigo Lussich believes to be a father

Then Lussich talked about the various ways there are today to start a family: “The amount of forms of authorship there are todaynot only for what surrogacy can become, but also for adoption ”, he continued.

The journalist then recalled an interview given some time ago on his radio program in which he was moved by the story of a family from Córdoba: «A lady from Córdoba who adopted seven siblings with her husband because no one wanted to adopt them. The oldest is 16 years old, the youngest 5 more or less, and nobody wanted to adopt them because in many cases people want children and because taking seven siblings was a lot. Well, it seemed like an enormous act of love to give your life that way. “

“Therefore I think adoption is very likely. And in that case, however, to be able to face it as a project where you can really give up certain things, including his own selfishness. And in the case of Lizy, it seems to me a fantastic thing that in my case I have not solved that at all, ”condemned Lussich.


Source: Clarin

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