Malena Pichot got into the controversy over Wanda Nara’s photos and was very critical of the media

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Malena Pichot got into the controversy over Wanda Nara's photos and was very critical of the media

Malena Pichot expressed her opinion on Wanda Nara’s “natural” photos and generated controversy.

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Wanda Nara It continues to be a trend due to the “natural” photos taken on the beaches of Ibiza, Spain, enjoying the sea in a bikini and which have gone viral for how different is your body compared to the photos you post on your social networks. Now, Malena Pichot He got into the topic and generated controversy with his opinion on Twitter.

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The photos of the businesswoman went viral and generated all kinds of opinions. Wanda decided to make a download on Instagram, where she almost has 14 million followers. His words have generated even more controversy around the images.

“Girls, if I’m so successful when I’m like this, I recommend that you start hitting the pizzas without the guilt“, expressed the media in a story on the social network.

One of Malena Pichot's tweets against Wanda Nara.  Twitter.

One of Malena Pichot’s tweets against Wanda Nara. Twitter.

Obviously no one uploads a photo where it feels bad. When I got sick with COVID, I didn’t upload spoiled photos in bed. All of us (those of us who have the chance) put the photo on eating sushi or a balcony with a nice view, “she explained.

I spend my time eating polenta, rice noodles and butter, but they are not very instagrammable, just like my daughters cry and I don’t even charge them like that. I hope they are in a good mood to photograph them … well, retouching may or may not help. “

Pichot targeted Wanda on Twitter.

Pichot targeted Wanda on Twitter.

I can assure you that I love every inch of my body Yes! I have cellulite, like all of us. Even acne. And in the summer roots because I rest from the tincture. Anyway … I am real! And I choose my best profile to upload to my networks “, the media condemned.

Malena Pichot’s critique of Wanda Nara

Pichot decided to take up the words of Mauro Icardi’s wife, entered the subject and clarified his position in the bird’s social network. “They live by being hegemonic and perpetuating false and unattainable images of the female body”began writing actress and humorist.

Wanda Nara.  In Ibiza.  Instagram.

Wanda Nara. In Ibiza. Instagram.

And he continued: “They live exclusively on that, and Every so often they behave offended with the same system that they promote and encourage ”.

“Then they make a social statement about how difficult it is for women to live in this world where beauty standards are so high, standards held by themselves until yesterday and what they will contain in tomorrow’s photo. But not today! Enough today ”, added Pichot.

“Use your hegemony as they are sung on the rise, but have the decency to support what you sell”, he indicated. Naturally, Malena’s words generated hundreds of comments on Twitter and there were many who hit her for her tweets.

Several Twitter users have targeted Pichot.

Several Twitter users have targeted Pichot.

“Ask out of ignorance, At some point aren’t they the crudest expression of that same system that has finished consuming those people? Isn’t breaking with that pattern, even from the discursive, a goal? “Wrote one user.

Are you talking about models who call themselves feminists? because that was what came to mind, ”was another comment.

“Wanda Nara is not a saint of my devotion, far from it, but you are already at another level of infallible sister. If they perpetuate hegemony, it bothers you. If it makes visible the unsustainability of the system it bothers you too, in the end you are a hater”Commented one netizen.


Source: Clarin

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