Bob Dylan is also innocent: his sexual abuse case is dismissed

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Bob Dylan is also innocent: his sexual abuse case is dismissed

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Bob Dylan in the 1960s, when the sexual abuse case occurred.

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A woman who sued Bob Dylan for alleged sexual abuse of her When she was 12, she dropped the case after the artist’s lawyers accused her of destroying evidence.

In August last year, the plaintiff, whose identity is unknown, filed a lawsuit alleging that Dylan molested her for a period of six weeks!between April and May 1965!

The lawsuit alleged that the singer “had used his prestige as a musician” to provide “alcohol and drugs and sexual abuse “ of the woman.

Bob Dylan live in 2012. AFP photos

Bob Dylan live in 2012. AFP photos

On Wednesday this week, Dylan’s legal team sent a letter to the federal court accusing the actor of deleting important text messages and suggesting that “monetary sanctions” were needed.

On Thursday yesterday, the same team reported that the woman had closed the case. “The case is over”Orin Snyder, Dylan’s chief attorney, said in a statement to the agency. AFP.

The original complaint

The complainant is now 68 years old and lives in the city of Greenwich, Connecticut. He also accused Dylan, who turned 81 in May, of having physically threatened the girl.

The complainant claimed that the musician’s actions led her to suffer from permanent “depression and anxiety”, traumas that prevented her from carrying out normal activities throughout her life.

In particular, he accused him of “assault, battery, false arrest and emotional damage”. The alleged abuse allegedly took place in the apartment Dylan had in New York’s famous Chelsea Hotel, according to the lawsuit.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

The representative of the famous American musician – whose real name is Roberto Zimmermann-, kept the matter almost secret while the actions of “claim” were carried out (at best Johnny Depp) and usually did not respond to media inquiries.

In a note to the newspaper USA Todayat the time, the spokesperson only hinted at his client’s big words when he said that “The 56-year-old claim is false and will be vigorously contested. “

It was also commented among fans on social networks that the dates did not make sense: Dylan was not in the United States in the months of the alleged complaint. I was on tour in Europe.

The lawsuit was filed before the end of the period it had opened in New York to file child sexual abuse charges that were prescribed by a law passed in the state in February 2019.

A previous controversy

Bob Dylan in 1965. Photo: AP

Bob Dylan in 1965. Photo: AP

The author had already experienced an uncomfortable situation when, as early as 2014, a French court ruled in his favor when he was accused of “inciting hatred by a Croatian group”.

Old Bob’s statements to the magazine rolling stone in France the Croats didn’t like them at all. “If you have the Ku Klux Klan in your blood, blacks can say it even today. Just as Jews can say Nazi blood and Serbs can say Croatian blood.”

The criticisms rained down Representative Council of the Croatian Community and Institutions in France he sued him, but the charges were dismissed.

Dylan is considered to be one of the greatest songwriters of all time. The most important works of him include Blowing in the wind, T.times are changingY Like a rolling stone.

sold more than 125 million of albums in the world and won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016 for his lyrics.


Source: Clarin

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