Hard confrontation between Eduardo Feinmann and Marina Calabró despite both working on the same radio and on the same channel

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In THEY (America, 20 years old), the series led by Ángel De Brito, addressed the issue of the bitter confrontation that exists between Eduardo Feinmann and Marina Calabró, despite both working at the same radio station -Mitre- and channel – La Nazione + -. Listening to the two bells, they were interviewed separately and far from lowering the tone of the conflict, they shot each other with heavy bullets.

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As explained by the driver THEYEduardo Feinmann’s anger with Marina Calabró began because she, who is a columnist for Lanata sinfilter – Jorge Lanata’s program on Radio Miter – commenting on the television ranking, highlights the good numbers that Jonatan Viale gets on La Nación +, radio station of which Feinmann has his own program.

Annoyed by the way Marina presents the ratin results on the airg, Feinmann pulled out the meager results of the cycle comparedwho knew how to drive years ago in El Nueve.

Marina Calabró and Eduardo Feinmann shot each other with thick bullets.  Capture the TV.

Marina Calabró and Eduardo Feinmann shot each other with thick bullets. Capture the TV.

In THEYthey began to consult Calabró on this matter and she replied: “I’m not afraid of the word failure. Who hasn’t had them? But compared the contract expired on December 31 (2020), it was not revoked. And the average (rating) was 2.03 points. I wouldn’t call it a failure. ”

And referring to Feinmann, Juan Carlos Calabró’s daughter said: “What he accused me of was an alleged favoritism with Jonatan (Viale) when what I do is read the spreadsheet (from IBOPE, with the rating) “.

Incensed, she continued: “How do you think it is an outcry to say that overall it is second overall in the ranking of news networks programs? Does saying that Jony is the first and the Feinmann news program the second mean throwing him away?“.

“I think it was a joke that got out of hand and (Feinmann) started getting really angry. What he said is free because I didn’t say a single line against him or his evaluation. She’ll know what’s at stake … “” After all, she’s the guest on the first morning, who goes around scolding alleged failures to a columnist … you put her in a minor position. ”

Marina Calabró, on Eduardo Feinmann: "I think the joke got out of hand".  Capture the TV.

Marina Calabró, on Eduardo Feinmann: “I think the joke got out of hand”. Capture the TV.

“It hurts a little in math”

Then, approached by the chronicler of THEY on the road, Eduardo Feinmann downplayed the question and was ironic in his answer. “(Marina Calabró) said you have no humor,” raised the notero. “No, I don’t have it,” replied the driver, without stopping his march.

“She also felt that I almost wanted to intimidate her, because you are a driver on the first morning of Miter and in La Nación + while she is a speaker … You are in a dominant position.” “It doesn’t exist,” Feinmann retorted.

“Who does not exist?”, The chronicler of THEY. Quick of reflexes, Eduardo replied: “I don’t exist”. “I’m a speaker driving,” he chuckled.

Eduardo Feinmann said that Marina Calabró should read the ranking numbers better.  Capture the TV.

Eduardo Feinmann said Marina Calabró should better read the numbers on the score sheet. Capture the TV.

Regarding the end of the dialogue, in reference to the evaluation data that Marina Calabró read in the cycle of Jorge Lanata on Radio Miter, Feinmann said: “I should read a little better. There, a little wrong in mathematics”. Ironically, she concluded: “In political science I think it’s fine. In math, he fails a little“.


Source: Clarin

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