La China Suárez’s impressive responses to his followers about his private life

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La China Suárez's impressive responses to his followers about his private life

China Suárez spoke to her followers on Instagram.

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Eugenia the China Suarez (30) took advantage of the free time he left between each scene of the film he is shooting in Uruguay to answer some questions from his fans on Instagram and talked about his private lifemore precisely of her courtship with Rusherking and her desire to become a mother again.

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In detail, the ex-wife of Benjamín Vicuña and mother of his two small children, Magnolia Y Amanciosuggested his fans to ask him questions through his stories on the aforementioned social network and he talked about everything.

First of all, the actress talked about the possibility of having another child. “Three is a crowd. They don’t shake hands”also answered the mother of Rufinathe result of her relationship with actor Nicolás Cabré, from whom she separated nine years ago, when their eldest daughter was just four months old.


The actress said that with three children they are already “crowd”. Instagram.

As a second question, China chose one related to her return to Madrid, which she believes would take place in September, and continued to talk about her musical career. In that sense, she said her next single of hers will arrive this month, and hers in his future projects there is one that includes the release of a “movidita” song, one of those played in night clubs.

After giving some advances on her career as a singer, Eugenia is back to answer some questions on a personal level. Therefore she has made it clear, even though many of her fans already know, that she is not married. In fact, she never married, although she became engaged to Vicuña and even announced a marriage after the birth of Magnolia.

Eugenia has made it clear that she is not married.  Instagram.

Eugenia has made it clear that she is not married. Instagram.

Finally, a follower, or follower, he asked her if she was in love and she chose to respond in a somewhat peculiar way: with a single word (“a lot”) and the emoticon of a red heart on a photo of her cuddling over Rusherking, her young boyfriend.

China Suárez has assured that she is "very" in love with Rusherking.

China Suárez has assured that she is “very” in love with Rusherking.

Hours before answering those questions, just as rumors about a new separation between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi began to be heard in the media, Suárez responded via Instagram to the 22-year-old ragpicker with a tender message.

That’s the lead singer of Bandit He posted a photo on his Instagram stories with her saying “I miss you“So he replied and as if that weren’t enough, he added:”I miss you more“.

The statements of the artist in the midst of the alleged breakdown of the media and of the player are the subject of analysis on the networks. “This time it wasn’t China“,” Let go “,” Mauro will not give you a ball, nor will he part with Wanda “, and”It was known that Wanda and Mauro ended in divorce“, were some of the messages, on both sides, that Twitter users have left under other publications about it.

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, separated?

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, separated?

Is that, for those who don’t remember, the first couple crisis became public dates back to last year, more precisely in October, when the ex-wife of Maxi López discovered the deal of her current husband with Eugenia.

In November of that year the news was already making its way around the world and it was Wanda herself who confirmed to Susana Giménez, during an exclusive interview, that the father of her daughters had met the actress in a luxury hotel in Paris. . It was never made clear if they were going to get intimate or only talked about their private life that evening.


Source: Clarin

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