Unexpected message from Geraldine La Rosa, wife of Marcelo Gallardo, amid rumors of separation

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Unexpected message from Geraldine La Rosa, wife of Marcelo Gallardo, amid rumors of separation

In addition to making sure he was single, Gallardo would call Moine a friend

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A few days later Marcelo Gallardo was rumored to have confirmed his separation from Geraldine La Rosahas caused confusion in networks with a captivating post.

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It is that, after having been silent for a few days, the mother of the children of the River Plate bus dedicated a message to the coach and thus opened the controversy: are they together or apart?

The woman posted a photo of Gallardo with a message of support for him linked to the team’s latest victory (they beat Independiente 1-0 and finished in seventh place, with 18 points). “The river has approached the tip. Faith, attitude, let’s go “, wrote about a picture of the former footballer.

Marcelo Gallardo's wife posted a photo with a message for her husband.

Marcelo Gallardo’s wife posted a photo with a message for her husband.

What is striking is that after transcended an alleged relationship between Gallardo and Alina Moine, a week ago it was rumored that the DT and his wife would be reconciled. That’s why Luli Fernández contacted the sports journalist to consult her about her romantic situation and to find out if she was still in a relationship with him or not.

“I’m alone in this moment. MG and I are genuinely very good friends. In no way is it appropriate for me to answer anything about his personal life. Call Marco. Kisses, “replied Moine.

So, the speaker show partner (El Trece, Monday to Friday at 11am) called Gallardo following the reporter’s instructions, but did not deal with her.

Marcel Gallardo.  Photo Agustin Marcarian

Marcel Gallardo. Photo Agostino Marcarian

However, the TD later communicated with Fernández via a phone call. “Around 1:45 pm the phone rings and it was Gallardo“, Luli has told and detailed everything that, according to her story, they would have talked about.

“I respect and appreciate the mother of my children. She is a great mother and a great person, but there is no reconciliation“, the DT would have said to the speaker of the cycle led by Rodrigo Lussich and Adrián Pallares.

I don’t like talking about my personal life, but they are situations that involve other people and that is why I choose to respond “, added the DT.

But besides, according to Luli Fernández, to confirm that he would have been single, the coach would have been encouraged to speak for the first time about the ESPN host: “I’m alone. We have a beautiful friendship with Alina“.

Alina Moine.  Photo Marcelo Carroll

Alina Moine. Photo Marcelo Carroll

I cannot take responsibility for what others do or show. I take charge of what I say and do “, he concluded.

Why Marcelo Gallardo would not have whitened his love affair with Alina Moine

As it turned out, the relationship between Marcelo Gallardo and Alina Moine would start in 2019, coincidentally the same year Benjamin Keanu was bornfourth child of DT and Geraldine La Rosa.

In this sense, Luli Fernández explained that the DT is extremely careful to take care of his young son. “He has a devotion to his younger son as well he doesn’t want to have any kind of conflict And that’s why he handles everything so carefully, “he said.

Furthermore, the rapporteur explained that the divorce has been delayed due to an economic issue since then there are many goods to distribute between La Rosa and Gallardo.

“In addition to the money … it must be taken into account that it is a 30-year marriage. an apartment, worth one and a half million dollars, which is for sale. And the house in Nordelta would be for Geraldine, “she said.


Source: Clarin

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