Adele talks about what was “the worst moment” of her career

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Adele tells what it was

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British Adele Laurie Blue Adkins (Adele), on the red carpet of the BRIT Awards 2022, in London. AFP photo

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Adele acknowledged that the cancellation of his Las Vegas concert residency, one day before the first show, was the “worst time” of her career, but she feels “proud” that she made that decision, according to an interview with the magazine she released this week.

The singer, who at the time justified the hasty announcement with “delays” in production and having “half” of her team sick with Covid-19, admitted in that conversation that what really caused the cancellation of the concerts were the artistic differences with the organizers of the event.

The scenography was not correct. He was very disconnected from me and my band and lacked intimacy. And maybe I was trying too hard to do my best in such a controlled environment. “

Adele, when she received the Artist of the Year award at the 2022 BRIT Awards. AFP photo

Adele, when she received the Artist of the Year award at the 2022 BRIT Awards. AFP photo

The Brit, who lives half the year in London and the other half in Los Angeles, made it clear that “she was very excited about that concert series”, but as rehearsals progressed she began to realize that something was missing: “They had no soul.”

“It was by far the worst moment of my career,” he said.

On January 20th, just 24 hours before their first concert and with thousands of fans staying Las Vegas While waiting for the shows, Adele uploaded a video to her Instagram profile in which she claimed to feel “angry and embarrassed” for indefinitely postponing his show.

“The scenography wasn

“The scenography wasn’t right. I was very disconnected from myself and my band, “she says now of the frustrated gigs. AP Photo

The “residence” in Las Vegas, in the manner of Elvis Presleyit had to consist two concerts every weekend, until April 16, at the Caesar Coliseum Hotel, known for being one of the most renowned entertainment venues in the city of games. Exceeded tickets for resale $ 10,000.

“I’m sorry I continued like this until late. It was going to be a really mediocre show and I couldn’t do it, “she explained. People saw me on stage and noticed that I didn’t want to be there.”

Adele also recounted the moment before the decision, right after the final rehearsal when, frustrated by the design of the show, she unplugged the microphone and started singing. a cappella in front of the empty stands.


gorgeous Adele plans to take revenge in November this year.  AP photo

gorgeous Adele plans to take revenge in November this year. AP photo

After breaking the bad news, the composer of rolling in The Deep he had to hide “two months” due to paparazzi persecution and avoided any promotion of his fourth album, 30until months later he performed at the BRIT British Music Awards.

“I was very embarrassed, but that decision really made me end up gaining more and more confidence in myself. I became more and more courageous. I don’t think many people would have done that. I’m very proud to put my artistic needs first.” , assessed Adele, who will soon have a rematch.

The artist has already confirmed a completely new show in Las Vegas, which will begin November 18 and for which she herself managed to find the time and design the scenography and the setting that goes “from less to more”, as a metaphor for the “reflection of her career”.

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Source: Clarin

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