“Sonic 2” broke the box office record for a film based on video games

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Sonic 2: The Movie made a big debut at the US box office, topping the box office weekend at $ 71 million, making it the most successful video game-to-film adaptation in its debut by exceeding the 58 million captured by the first installment of this same legend.

This is stated by the specialized site of Hollywood Box Office Mojo, which highlights that the film collection in other countries is 70 million, so the global value is 141 million.

The action-adventure film by Paramount Sonic 2 raised about $ 71 million in the United States-last weekend alone-the expert company reported Exhibitor Relations. “It was an extraordinary debut. for a movie sequel based on a video game, ”they said.

The original film of Sonicinspired by the famous game of sega involving a lightning-fast hedgehog, captured 58 million by the beginning of 2020, at the time Covid19 was just beginning to register as a threat.

The latest version of it has Jim Carrey in a live-action role, while Ben Schwartz (Sonic), Idris Elba (Knuckles), and Colleen O’Shaughnessey (Tails) are the voices of the animated characters.

“Sonic 2” features Jim Carrey in a “flesh and blood” role.

“Sonic 2” features Jim Carrey in a “flesh and blood” role.

In January 2020, Carrey expressed interest in starring in a sequel, feeling that his character, the villain. Dr. Robotnikmay expand: “I have no intention of doing another since That job was so much fun. It’s a real challenge in the first place trying to convince people that I have a triple-digit IQ … ”he joked.

“There’s so much room for Robotnik, I feel has not yet reached its peakTwo months later, in March, it was confirmed that they had signed contracts to produce multiple algorithmic sequels. Sonic.


morbyus, the vampire film where Jared Leto acts as a Nobel Prize winner blood sucker in a comic book adaptation Marvelis clearly outclassed.

The film arrives a distant second on 10.2 million after a resounding collapse in relation to the previous week, and has now accumulated a total international collection of 69.3 million, i.e. within two weeks on the poster failed to recover 75 million invested in its production.

Jared Leto, protagonist of "Morbius", is overtaken by "Sonic 2".  What will he say?

Jared Leto, protagonist of “Morbius”, is overtaken by “Sonic 2”. What will he say?

In third place is The missing Citythe romantic adventure starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatumwith the 9.1 millionindicating a total of 68 million, an insignificant amount for the genre.

Sa 8.7 millionfourth place at the box office went to ambulancewhere Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II plays two strange brothers who steal in an ambulance to escape after a bank robbery.

Hangga’t Batman came in fifth place with 6.5 millionalthough the 735 million reimbursed worldwide positions it as the highest-grossing film this year. Batmanfrom Warner Bros., plus Robert Pattinson in the title role, now in its sixth week of release.

Source: Telam


Source: Clarin

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