Coldplay surprised at Wembley with a tribute to Olivia Newton-John

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Chris Martin at Coldplay’s third stage of this series in London. Photo: IG

Newton-John had played Sandy and Travolta had played Danny in the iconic film released in 1978.

Before the tribute, Natalie and Coldplay also performed tornImbruglia debut single, first recorded in 1993.

It was the third appointment at Wembley for the world tour The music of the spheres by Coldplay. There are still three shows left in the stadium with a capacity for 90,000 people.

The music of the spheres is a concept album about some kind of fictional planetary system called The Spheresconceived as a spatial work that mixes power-pop “with synthesizers and cosmic interludes. “It is the ninth album by British rockers.

The big Coldplay tour

The tour then moves to Glasgow for two shows. In September, as part of the tour, Coldplay will perform at the festival Rock in Rio, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There will also be two concerts in Lima, Peru, two in Bogotá, Colombia and four in Santiago, Chile.

Coldplay shows in Buenos Aires will start on October 25th.

Coldplay shows in Buenos Aires will start on October 25th.

In October they will return to Rio de Janeiro for two concerts, followed by six in São Paulo. And from October 25 to November 8, the band will hold 10 concerts in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The fever of seeing Coldplay in Argentina never ceases to amaze. The above: between 25 October and 8 November the British band will offer 10 concerts at the River Court and have sold out all available seats, more than 600,000, They have just been put up for sale.

These are box office records. in number of shows and also in the collection. Coldplay fans have gone to the box office around 7 billion dollars. These numbers reflect the dysfunctional nature of Argentine consumption and the distortions in the economy.

River’s record

In the industry they describe that there is a euphoria after two years of abstinence of recitals forced by the pandemic. According to experts, it is believed that the demand cannot be sustained because “people have already consumed a lot of fun and the pocket is not enough for everything“.



In any case, as published this newspaper in the section Economy, the current season started with everything and that “is above average”. Appearances indicate otherwise and that despite the cost of the tickets: from $ 8,000 to $ 19,500 in the case of Coldplay.

The Coldplay thing got over Ruggero Waters. The best mark was obtained by Soda Stereo, which in 2007 brought together 350,000 people in the 6 recitals that the band gave on the River field. A little further down appears the first visit of the Rolling Stones, in 1995 and in full convertibility, with 300,000 positions sold. Records, it is known, were invented to be broken.


Source: Clarin

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