La Chipi recounted the stages of harassment he would have experienced from Roberto Pettinato: how he told Dady Brieva

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Mariela the chipi Anchipi remembered in the last hours the harassment and abuse suffered, more than 20 years ago, at the hands of Roberto Pettinato when she started her media career as a dancer from little life (Blue TV, 2001).

I am 22 years old, I am very small hinarass ako Handy siya. I was talking to a group of people, he came and grabbed you from behind, the horrible feeling … “, Dady Brieva’s wife assured in the air of SILA (America, at 20).

And she said: “My choreographer at the time went and addressed her, told her‘ why don’t you stop her, please, she’s a woman, she’s coming in a different suit, she’s getting bad, he’s crying behind the scenes and he’s not well‘”.

“He told me: ‘She’s so happy to see you cry so try not to let her see you’. Y I avoided itI want to have as little contact as possible, I was careful not to cross in any way and he doesn’t care about anything: he entered the midst of choreographiesI was thrown in front of everyone … “, he added about it.

And he said the musicians who played were live on the aforementioned Pettinato program they helped him so that he was no longer alone with the driver.

Mariela Anchipi on the floor of "LAM".  TV Capture

Mariela Anchipi on the floor of “LAM”. TV Capture

In addition, Chipi made sure that when he remembers that time of his life, he remembers that “rude situation“and said that did not receive the document letter of the driver asked because “he has no face” to send it to him since it harassed him “in front of everyone”.

The ex-participant and coach also of Dancing for a Dream He recalls that despite the mistreatment he was able to terminate the contract in question and, years later, he once again crossed paths with the former Sumo saxophonist. “He can’t look me in the face, he avoids me, he’s shy, he knows what he’s done.“, he highlighted.

And he explained nothing to Daddy?Pia Shaw asked him.They never crossed paths again. ako I didn’t tell daddy“, acknowledged the dancer.”And how did you find out?“The journalist was looking for more.

“Because once Romi (Pereiro), Rial’s wife came home for a cooking special that he and I were doing then. I told him that I was a dancer, that I had worked for him and he remembered the situation … he said to Jorge, he had a visitor with Dady and there I made him white“said Chipi, with the support of his wife to tell him the truth in public.

Roberto Pettinato is currently working at Radio Pop FM 101.5.

Roberto Pettinato is currently working at Radio Pop FM 101.5.

It must have happened to him too … he did it to me in front of everyone, I don’t know what happened later elsewhere because I tried to avoid “, the dancer continued to explain to Ángel. He cut it off to ask if it was true that ‘Pettinato touched Romina’s chest’.

And maybe, I don’t know, I didn’t see it …“, replied the wife of the former MIDACHI.” It was discussed then. They say he even slapped her when this happens, “revealed the journalist.” Yes, surely, it can be, ”said Mariela.

A few minutes later, the presenter SILA recounted the topic and added: “In the case of Romina Pereiro, they tell me when she works (with Pettinato) that she’s like co-host, and that particular episode is that: that he touched her breasts, he slapped them, and then he stopped“.

Chipi added: “In my case, I had a group of people who supported me (by choreographer and musicians). Around Romi was alone because he was the co-host so my colleagues stood up and that’s why I was able to finish my job“.


Source: Clarin

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