Vertigo: Hell (and despair) in the tower

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In Vertigo (Autumn, as original title in English) we are facing a survival storyterribly effective, which puts us in suspense for most of its 107 minutes of footage directed by Scott Mann.

A certain genre of cinema has fundamental premise for not respecting the conventions dictated by common sense. In horror movies, for example, characters enter dark and unknown places or open doors that portend the worst, despite the risk that this entails.

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Something similar happens in thrillers, where the protagonists are tempted to circumvent the rules, both legal and coexistence, to achieve the impossible. Always looking to add adrenaline to the bloodstream of the spectators who never stop consuming this type of cinephile offerings.

In Vertigoit all begins with a fatal accident in the Rocky Mountains of North America.

In this context, young Becky (Grace Caroline Currey, seen in Annabelle: Creation) and her intrepid husband, Dan (Mason Gooding, one of Scream’s troubled boys), step up with their reckless friend Hunter (Virginia Gardner, with stakes exceptional in Halloween’s night Y American horror stories) on a wall that is difficult to access.

An unexpected uphill produces tragedy e the man fallswith no chance of survival.

Next year…

Almost a year later, the widow hides her anguish by immersing herself in the sweet poison that is alcohol, ignoring her loving father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan, The Walking Dead’s fearsome Negan) who tries to get her out of the pit of depression.

There Hunter reappears, transformed into a popular social media influencer, and offers you an unusual proposal: climb a disused television tower, located in the middle of the desert.

So, although the task seems simple, the two friends embark on a dangerous adventure. The idea is to spend half a day climbing to a height of about 600 meters, unload Dan’s ashes from there, record some stories for Instagram and get off, safe and sound.

While the laudable goal is to reconcile, the climb will be tricky when part of the rusty, rusty structure begins to crumble. Left to fend for themselves and with no signal on their cell phones, they will have no choice but to do so fight to survivenot only to bad weather but also to the presence of carrion.

Despite being a low-budget film, the nightmare envisioned by screenwriters Jonathan Frank and Scott Mann, also director and producer, is notoriously captivating.

At a fast pace, from the direction, Mann manages to trap us in a series of events that escape logicbut they specify an unusual combination of action and terrifying details such as the shocks suffered by the protagonists.

very well actedIt is compelling to see the girls’ unusual attempts to ask for help and, in particular, the dizzy feeling of their attractive images.



Qualification: Very good

thriller. USA, 2022. 107 ‘, ATP. Of: Scott Mann. With: Grace Caroline Currey, Virginia Gardner, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Mason Gooding. Distributor: BFParis. Rooms: Cinemark Palermo, Hoyts, Cinepolis Recoleta, Paseo Alcorta.


Source: Clarin

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