The Sex Pistols intern has resurfaced for the recent use of the punk version of “God Save The Queen”

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The Sex Pistols intern has resurfaced for the recent use of the punk version of

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The Sex Pistols in 2002 held a press conference in London: Glenn Matlock, Steve Jones, Paul Cook and John Lydon, formerly known as Johnny Rotten.

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John Lydon, the legendary lead singer of the Sex Pistols group, formerly known as Johnny Rottendecided to distance himself from his former colleagues accusing them of “speculating” and “monetizing” the death of Queen, to whom they dedicated their famous punk version of God Save the Queen.

At the same time, the band denied the allegation and said “Nothing relevant to God Save the Queen is promoted by us “.

It all started on Twitter

In a Twitter thread on her group Public Image Ltd account, Lydon denied any ongoing activity related to that single that marked the beginning of the punk movement.

According to the singer’s official statement, “John Lydon wants to distance himself from any Sex Pistols activity that seeks to monetize the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The band’s musicians and their management have approved a series of requests, against John’s will. ”

Taking into account the Queen’s recent death and the song’s commercial potential, the statement continued: “According to John, the timing to support any commercial use of God Save the Queen He is disrespectful to the queen and her family right now. “

“John wrote the lyrics for this historic song, and although he never supported the monarchy, he feels that family deserves some kind of respect at this difficult time, just like any other person or family does when someone close to them dies.”

The group’s response

A spokesperson for the Sex Pistols responded to Lydon’s accusation with another statement published by Deadline: “We can’t understand what you mean. Except for a couple of requests for permission to use the theme in the news and in reports on its impact on popular culture, we have not carried out any type of promotional action relating to God Save the Queen“.

In turn, John Lydon’s first tweet said: Rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth II. Send it with glory. Congratulations to all of you on “


Source: Clarin

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