The actor who played Philip of Edinburgh in The Crown said Prince Harry called him “grandfather”

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The actor who played Philip of Edinburgh in The Crown said Prince Harry called him

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In 2016 and 2017, Matt Smith played Philip of Edinburgh in The Crown.

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Although he was already well known in his country, England, Matt Smith’s career took off internationally with his portrayal of Prince Philip of Edinburgh In the first two seasons of The crown.

The great work of the British actor as the husband of Queen Elizabeth II in the hit Netflix series has been recognized around the world. Y Smith has now revealed that Prince Harry, one of Elizabeth and Philip’s grandchildren, called him “grandfather”..

The actor, who is now part of the cast of another major series, House of the Dragon (prequel of Game of thrones) as Prince Daemon Targaryen, said he received that nickname from Lady D’s youngest son, presumably for playing her grandfather in real life in The crown.

The co-creator of House of DragonsRyan Condal admitted it was Smith’s performance in The crown which led to the actor being cast in the fantasy series.

“I was a huge fan of The crownand Matt’s performance over those two seasons showed me everything I needed to know about the actor: he can disappear in those roles, “Condal told The Hollywood Reporter.” Interestingly, Prince Philip shares some crossover traits with Daemon “.

the anecdote

Smith told during an interview with Today’s show who met Prince Harry a few years earlier, at a polo match. “I met Harry once, at the polo, which sounds a little good, but it wasn’t great,” the actor said. “He came up to me, said ‘grandfather’ and shook my hand.”

Faced with the interviewer’s claim that Harry had seen the series, Smith had his doubts and continued. “Well, I can’t say I know if he really sees it, but I think he at least saw something.”

The crowncreated by Peter Morgan, Oscar nominee for Queen Y Frost / Nixontraces the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II.

Claire Foy played the queen opposite Smith’s Philip in the first two seasons; Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies took over the roles for the next two seasons.

On the other hand, still not released on the platform, Imelda Staunton and Jonathan Pryce will be the royal couple in the fifth season which will arrive in streaming in November next.

Days of mourning, without shooting

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II on 8 September, The crown discontinued production of the sixth season, out of respect for the late monarch and the mourning royal family.

The crown It’s a love letter to her and I have nothing to add for now, just silence and respect, “Morgan said in a statement after learning of the monarch’s death who had a seventy-year reign.

After the queen’s death, several fictional stories about Isabella II have increased their audience in the past week. Queenfrom Netflix has seen a huge surge on the platform, bringing the series back into the weekly top 10 for streaming.

For its part, the first season of The crown attracted 17.57 million viewing hours during the week of September 5-11, according to Netflix data, which was good enough to rank the series seventh in audience preferences.


Source: Clarin

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