Regé-Jean Page and Glen Powell will play Paul Newman and Robert Redford in the series “Butch and Sundance”

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Regé-Jean Page and Glen Powell will play Paul Newman and Robert Redford in the series

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Regé-Jean Page and Glen Powell will play Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid in the new version of Amazon.

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Rege-Jean page Y Glen Powell will act and executive produce Butch and Sundancea new series of Amazon. the Russian brothersknown for directing Avengers: end of the game, they will be executive producers.

The page comes from excellence Bridgerton Y the gray manwhile Powell devoted himself to Top Gun: Maverick. Page will play Butch Cassidy, while Powell will play the role of the Sundance Kid.

Billed as a reinvention of the classic western Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kidmade by Paolo Newman Y Robert Redford in the main and respective roles, the project has arrived Amazon after a competitive race with Disney + Y peacock.

According to The Hollywood Reportr, the first store to break the news, the series will run as part of a larger franchise with more shows and -oops! – possibles spin-off.

Although many details are kept under strict summary secrecy, it has been reported that the series – yet without a definitive title – about Butch and Sundance will have its most urban and turbulent recreation in an alternative, dystopian USA, similar to that of the Gotham City films, with touches of sublimated Nazism and banned in lysergic mode.

Mike Larocca, Angela Russo-Otstot Y Scott Nemes They will also act as executive producers, but none of the media that knows more about the subject may have any more information on the episodes and release dates.

original version

The original 1969 film followed two leaders of an outlaw gang. in Wyoming, in the early 20th century. After failing to rob a train, they escape and must escape unscathed.

The gang has a feature, they don’t kill their victims. Butch is the organizer, while Sundance is the man of action. However, the West begins to civilize and, when the two rob a train, they are greeted by a platoon of men who start chasing them.

Butch and Sundance flee through rocky mountains, rivers, cities, but they always have their pursuers behind them. When they finally manage to escape, by a stroke of luck, they take refuge in the house of Sundance’s girlfriend, Etta (Katharine Ross), where Butch has an idea: escape to … Bolivia.

The film popularized the legend of these historical figures from the Wild West and cemented the fame of Paul Newman and Robert Redford at the height of their career.

It was the first of two films in which Robert Redford, Paul Newman and George Roy Hill would work together. the other was The shot, since 1973.

The film won four Oscars.including Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography.

In 1982 Robert Redford created the Sundance Institute for young directors, taking the name of the gunman he plays in this film. Then, three years later, as a result of this, the Sundance Film Festival.

Butch Cassidy and The Kid in Argentina

In March 1901, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid entered Argentina. They were until December 1905.

Butch Cassidy was actually named Robert LeRoy Parker and was registered in Argentina under the assumed name of Santiago Ryan. In turn, Longabauh used Harry Place’s identity. The two decided to travel to Argentina after robbing a bank in the city of Winnemucca on September 19, 1900.


Source: Clarin

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