A photograph of Benedict Cumberbatch in the city of Buenos Aires went viral: what he came to do

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A photograph of Benedict Cumberbatch in the city of Buenos Aires went viral: what he came to do

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The protagonist of the successful British series Sherlock Holmes is out for a walk in Argentina. Photo: Twitter @conilpm

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In the last few hours, a photograph of the English actor has gone viral on social media Benedict Cumberbatch nothing more and nothing less than in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo with his family. The question that the followers of the protagonist of the successful English series Sherlock Holmes began to ask themselves was the same: what do you do in argentina

Cumberbatch, who was able to give life to the character of the private investigator created by the English writer Arthur Conan Doyle, is in the city of Buenos Aires to accompany his wife, the famous theater director Sophie Hunter, in the days before the first of two operas at the Theater Colón, of which she is the theater director.

D-Day is next September 27, the date on which the Colón will premiere “The Seven Deadly Sins”, by Kurt Weill, and The Castle of Bluebeard, by Béla Bartók, two works from the first half of the 20th century that featured Hunter in command of directing.

Sources from the Teatro Colón tell it Clarione that the well-known theater director has been in Buenos Aires for some time, given that a production of this magnitude requires several months of rehearsals.

“She is the theater director and was hired by Colón like so many other stage directors. She is a famous director,” they said from one of the most important opera houses in the world.

The truth is that the news of Cumberbatch’s visit was learned through a post published on her Twitter account by a resident of the Municipality who was walking through Plaza Armenia, in the Palermo neighborhood, when she came across the Actor protagonist of the film Doctor Strange . in the multiverse of madness.

The most casual and exciting of my lifego to Plaza Armenia and meet Benedict Cumberbatch himself, “Constanza posted on her social networks along with images of the actor, who was dressed extremely informally.

On what seemed like another morning in the city of Buenos Aires, the young woman described the privilege of accidentally crossing paths with the actor who managed to grab attention with his brilliant performance in the Sherlock Holmes series, of which fans still await the arrival of the fifth season.

“Guys, over he is DIVINE, a bad love he and his wife!! He went up to the games in the square “, explained the Twitter user, who recognized him at first she did not recognize the actor.

As for his contact with Benedetto, he said: “The girl I took to the square started playing with her children. There I talked to him and his wife and I realized it was HIM, but as he was very undercover, he gave me a little thing to ask him for a photo and LET THEM GO then I made the fool to harass him in secret ”.

Although it is not known when he arrived in the country and how long he will remain in Argentine territory, his fans have started flooding social networks with various strategies to realize his dream of running into the Sherlock Holmes of fiction, but in real life.

Source: Clarin

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