What role does each of the researchers play in Who is the Mask?

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What role does each of the researchers play in Who is the Mask?

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Moldavsky, Wanda, Lizy and Karina, a mosaic of styles for all tastes.

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The four speakers Who is the mask? accompanying Natalia Oreiro as a guest of the strange Telefe contest – a success in other countries, but in Argentina it has not yet conquered the expected audience– They have very different profiles in their careers. But, also, in the program, everyone plays their own game in their own wayas if to stand out from each other and settle in front of the public.

On the one hand, Lizy Tagliani and Roberto Moldavsky have already shown that they form a beautiful couple since they shared Done deal, last year, also on the Telefe screen. But here, everyone builds the routine on their own. On the other, Karina La Princesita and Wanda Nara they show almost antagonistic profiles at a crossroads that has not yet behaved as it could have.

Halfway between the musical show and the reality show, the format allows each researcher to show their authentic personality or whatever you want to show about your public “persona”.

Wanda: a time bomb

His presence has generated as many expectations as the debut of the cycle itself and already, from the first appearance on the screen, aroused all kinds of opinions. From her wardrobe to her interventions, the media entrepreneur is the newest of the group in terms of television experience in an entertainment series. Y it’s like a girl with a new toyshowing an enthusiasm that, at times, overflows.

Accustomed to the media Wanda speaking openly about her private life and managing the exposure and scandal like few others in the world, in the Telefe cycle she seems a bit bewildered and test your new profile. Neither the driver, nor his companions nor the public they know very well where Wanda will be shooting whenever you comment on attendees.

In the first week of the airing cycle, Wanda was not deprived of showing her share of boldness. “I want to see that tail, to see if I recognize it … it could be my sisterbut Zaira doesn’t move like that, she’s more rude, “he said, trying to guess the identity of one of the masked men.

In another of the broadcasts, after discovering that the famous person under the mask was the plastic artist Marta Minujín, he told her: “You did very well, dedicate yourself to this”before the astonished gaze of Oreiro and the rest of his companions.

Undaunted by a possible error, Wanda goes from speaking in Italian to asking “what is pastrami?”. At one point she seems to be Mauro Icardi’s wife to those students who ruin the class and distract otherswhich must be controlled to try to prevent everything from getting out of hand.

Lizy: the one who animates the party

For its part, Lizy is the one who brings sympathy, charisma and spontaneity in equal parts. With his sense of humor that captivates both adults and children, he is capable of launching a backflip on stage, with dress and heels. And I assure him: “I prefer to break my neck before showing my toes”, when Oreiro suggests that he take off his shoes to do the circus pirouette.

In keeping with her absolutely popular personality, Lizy doesn’t mince words when it comes to expressing her opinion on potential celebrities camouflaged under extravagant outfits and, taking advantage of the fact that she doesn’t have to keep her cool. driver, You can tell he’s enjoying his role.

Karina: privileged ear and great unknown

Karina’s experience as a singer is what sets her apart, as one of her characteristics, her performance on the show. Until now, proved to be the one with the best ear since he was able to identify two participants with their voice: a Angela Leiva and Ricardo Mollo.

But beyond that facet, Karina cultivates a lower profile (It’s not even that much, to have Lizy and Wanda next to him), saving his opinions until he throws a dart and hits her with the character or stops Wanda’s car.

Moldavsky: the share of humor and seriousness at the same time

The comedian appears relaxed in his chair, playing guessing without despair. The actor was surprised when he was the first to hit, and with one of the tough ones, when he found out that, under the guise of Hiccup and singing Satisfaction of the Rolling Stones There was Marta Minujín.

With spicy stage directions for its panel members and true to his style, Moldavsky has already found his way around the tubeunder the mask is my personal friend refer to the participants. Almost without looking for him, Roberto adopted, between jokes, the role of moderator when he tries to stop, as he can, some verbal overflow of Wanda.

One of them, for example, when Wanda said to a participant: “I have the cunning of a fox. Or it can be a tall slut”, and Moldavsky limited himself: “Hey! How strange that you came to that conclusion. ! “, in clear allusion to his scandalous media crossover with Eugenia” China “, Suárez. Malice out of malice.

Source: Clarin

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