Andor, the new Star Wars series: what time will it debut on Disney +

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There is less to do. That big global audience that’s still attracted to that big audience carrot global summarized in two words, Star Warscount the hours, minutes and seconds to finally see the premiere of the series Andoron the Disney + platform.

While much of the plot remains a mystery, it has been confirmed Andordirected by Tony Gilroy, it will be a prequel to a rogue (2016), and will present the interpretation of the Mexican Diego Luna as the rebel spy Cassian Andor.

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The series takes place five years before the film, at a critical moment in the history of Star Wars in which the Rebel Alliance was forming its opposition against the Galactic Empire.

life for the cause

The series focuses the circumstances that lead Andor to become that rebellious hero who comes to give his life for the cause. From his childhood on planet Fest and his development in a context of constant and growing rebellion against the Empire.

Diego Luna, who plays the main character of the series six years after he became the first Mexican actor to be a part of Star Warsis accompanied by a cast with a majority of new faces, such as those of Adria Arjona – the daughter of the Guatemalan singer-, Denise Gough and Kyle Soller.

They complete the launch longtime actors like Fiona Shaw, Stellan Skarsgård, Forest Whitaker and Genevieve O’Reillywho like Luna, repeat a character who has already appeared a rogue: I saw Guerrera and Mon Mothma respectively.

Disney + Andor: at what time will the first 3 chapters of the series be premiered?

It has been confirmed that Andor’s first season will have 12 episodeswhich makes it the longest-running original action series on Disney +. That, up to Daredevil: Born again premiere all 18 episodes in 2024.

We said at the beginning, missing, little. The date of the first to be scheduled is this Wednesday (21 September), the moment when Disney + will load the first three chapters. In Argentina, the premiere will be at 4:00.

To better understand Cassian Andor

Cassian Andor is a soldier, pilot and intelligence officer of the Rebel Alliance who has been introduced a roguethe film that is established chronologically between Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Y Episode IV: A New Hope.

The character had already shown his strength and his skills as a spy in that first film derived from the franchise, where he earned the respect of the rebel troops with his vast experience in the field of armed struggle, his ability to remain calm under pressure and his ability to complete missions with minimal resources.

In a rogue, Cassian is paired with Jyn Erso, the character of Felicity Jones, rescued from a concentration camp. At a certain point in the plot, reference is made to the adverse circumstances in which he grows up and how that education forges his character. But little is explained about her origins. That’s where Andor dives.

Another of the mysteries that the series unravels is why Cassian speaks with a different accent than the rest of his rebel comrades.something that is not explained in Thief One. The new series delves into his past, his roots and the circumstances that led to the character being the way he is.

“With the series, we have the opportunity to be very specific tells the story of how a revolutionary was born, what is it that triggers that clarity, that belief. There is room for the nuances and for the different layers that give richness to what you see, ”said Diego Luna.

The Empire consolidates its power …

Tony Gilroy, the creator and showrunner from Andorrevealed that the initial idea of ​​placing the series five years before the events of a rogue it involved the exploration of a particularly dark period in Cassian’s life, a time when the Empire is consolidating its power in the Galaxy.

Gilroy had foreseen it In the first chapters you will see the family and community environment in which the character develops.and the specific point at which you are emotionally, when you have not yet realized your potential.

And he was also encouraged to detail that Andor begins when the soldier and the spy go through the worst day of his life. This is the starting point of an odyssey that will transform him into that martyr who will give his life for the Galaxy.

“There is a trauma, an anger and a bitterness inside him. You have many reasons to be angry. It’s an unfortunate combination of circumstances that leads him to the moment he finds himself in the first episode of the series. ” Andor and co-author of Thief One.

“Diego is a jewel”

According to the production of the series, Luna and Gilroy formed a very special creative bond that allowed them to address the various nuances and complexities of the younger version of the character.

“Diego is a gem. He is a brilliant actor, a great collaborator, a gentleman. He’s the perfect partner, ”says Gilroy, who also worked as a screenwriter Andor.

Toby Haynes, co-director of Andor along with Susanna White and Benjamin Caron, he also praised the Mexican actor’s work from And your mother too Y Rough and mushy.

“He is a very intelligent and nuanced actor. He recites every line of dialogue, no matter how small. “

“What was particularly interesting about seeing him play the role of Cassian was this I was playing this man who is younger, who knows less and who is not the fully formed hero we know about. a rogue. He is reckless and more impulsive. It was a real pleasure to see how Diego approached all of this, ”concluded Haynes.


Source: Clarin

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