Amber Heard’s reaction when she learned that Johnny Depp is dating

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The international scandal generated by Johnny Depp’s trial of ex-wife Amber Heard for defamation continues to resonate. Now that the actor is in a relationship with attorney Joelle RichAs expected, the media dedicated to covering what happens to Hollywood stars were interested in knowing what was Heard’s reaction to that news. And one of them, Entertainment Tonight, got the answer from a source close to the actress.

As you may recall, the court trial in Fairfax, Virginia, United States, was followed by millions of people who took sides in the confrontation between Depp and his ex-wife.

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The result, according to the jury’s decision, was find Heard guilty of defamation of the actr. In any case, he was also convicted of his legal statements about him in the previous UK trial.

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During the trial in Virginia, rumors have multiplied about a possible love affair between Johnny Depp and one of his lawyers: Camille Vasquez. However, that was nothing more than a fantasy of the actor’s fans who were waiting to load with interpretations the slightest gestures, looks or dialogues between the actor and his lawyer.

Indeed, Camille Vasquez was very upset by these rumors, which she considered “sexist” and “unethical”. “I care a lot about my clients and of course we have gotten close,” she told People in June. “But when I say ‘we’, I mean the whole team and of course that includes Johnny.”

Johnny Depp, his new partner and Amber Heard’s attitude

But the truth is that after winning the trial against his ex Amber Heard, freed from all the stress that this tough personal and legal confrontation has meant, Johnny Depp has rebuilt his love life.

And, according to People magazine, the actor’s new partner “Pirates of the Caribbean” is a lawyer: Rich Jewelswho was part of the team of lawyers who represented him in the trial he made to The Sun newspaper in 2018 for describing him as a “wife beater”.

Page six also reported the love story between Johnny Depp and Joelle Rich. The same medium claims that she, a mother of two children, is separated from her ex-husband but that she has not yet obtained a divorce decree.

Regarding attorney Joelle Rich’s attendance at the Virginia trial, a source told US Magazine: “There was no professional obligation for her to be there. It was personal. Their chemistry is off the charts. “

Within this framework, Entertainment Tonight began to discover what Amber Heard’s reaction would be to her ex Johnny Depp’s new romance. And according to what he said, he found a source very close to the actress who said: “Amber pays no attention to Johnny or his personal life“, He specified and in the same line he added:”She doesn’t care who she goes out with and just wants to get on with her life.“.


Source: Clarin

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