Home Entertainment Who is the mask? The new celebrity eliminated was Marcela Tinayre

Who is the mask? The new celebrity eliminated was Marcela Tinayre

Who is the mask?  The new celebrity eliminated was Marcela Tinayre

In Who is the mask? (Telefe, Sunday to Thursday, 10.30pm) Yesterday, Monday, a new celebrity was eliminated. The one who had to take off her mask and reveal her identity in the cycle led by Natalia Oreiro was Marcela Tinayre, who sang La Chancha disguised as Chincha. The only one of the four detectives she guessed was Wanda Nara.

“This program is fabulous. People are fabulous. You look fabulous, Nati,” said Marcela Tinayre enthusiastically as soon as she was unmasked. Mirtha Legrand’s daughter assured that she did not tell any member of her family that she would participate in the program except her grandchildren.

“I made a secret pact with my grandchildren,” he explained, saying it was they who asked him to dress up as “the pig”. “Keep up this program, because it’s worth it. It is not a competition, it is a show. And the show is the most rewarding every day on television, “she said.

Last night four characters challenged each other, three of which are already known to the public: Chincha, the pig; The freckles, the burger, Olaf, the Viking. And the new one: Mansa. For the latter, as the driver explained, new rules were in force: if any of the investigators – Roberto Moldavsky, Wanda Nara, Lizy Tagliani, Karina La Princesita – understood her identity, they were automatically out of the game and had to reveal her identity.

Chincha starred in “You Only Live Once”. Mansa sang Rosalía’s smash hit “Despecha”. Then it was Olaf’s turn, who went “Nothing else matters”. Finally, Freckles showed off with a song by Rata Blanca: “Woman lover”.

None of the researchers guessed Mansa’s identity, so she, without submitting to the public vote because it was her first time in the cycle, moved on to the next stage. The same thing happened with Freckles, who was saved by the jury.

Chincha, La Chancha and Olaf, the Viking fought a new duel. Chincha sang “Maybe, maybe, maybe”. Olaf opted for “Knock down hotels”. Dedicated to choosing the best of the two characters, the podium gave the victory to Olaf, who thus went to the rematch that will take place on Sunday while Chincha had to reveal his identity and was eliminated.

Who are all the celebrities unmasked and eliminated so far?

In the debut broadcast, the elimination was William “The Magician” Coria. None of the researchers guessed that the former tennis player was in the costume of Willy, the turtle, who performed in “Light Music”.

On the second night, whoever was eliminated was Marta Minujin. In this case Roberto Moldavsky was right: the person who sang the Rolling Stones classic “Satisfaction” was the famous plastic artist.

The third celebrity to be eliminated was Angela Leiva. The singer and actress shined by performing “Unstoppable” disguised as the character of Lala. The costume was not enough to deceive Karina La Princesita, who immediately understood that the person she sang was Ángela. “This voice is unmistakable,” she said.

In the fourth show there was a big surprise for Natalia Oreiro: the celebrity who was eliminated was her husband Ricardo Mollo. Disguised as a dinosaur, he had performed in “With You in the Distance”.

The choice of the musical theme was not accidental: the driver said that this song marked the beginning of the love story between the two. Karina La Princesita sensed from the beginning that the person who sings behind the mask could not be other than the singer and guitarist of Divididos. “If it’s not Ricardo Mollo, I’ll leave this place and give it to whoever he is,” she said.

The fifth broadcast was the playoff gala which takes place on Sunday. Eight characters competed there and Alexia’s was eliminated. Behind that mask hid Magui Aicega, the former captain of Las Leonas.

Disguised as Altavista, the monster, in the sixth transmission was the one who had to take off his mask Raul Laviewho had performed “Georgia on my mind”.

In the seventh broadcast, the elimination was Santi Maratea. The influencer had hidden her identity behind the Pixel costume and sang “I’ll bring you”.

In the eighth, Marcela Morelo was excluded from the game, hiding behind the character of “Sombra, the black swan” and playing “Man! Feel like a woman”.

In the ninth transmission takes place the debut and farewell with the arrival of the new character of Orquidea, for her the rules change: if any of the researchers guess her identity, she is eliminated. Karina La Princesita and Wanda Nara discovered that she was Cristina Perez that in this way he had a brief passage in the cycle where he interpreted “What a feeling”.

The tenth eliminated was Carlotta Caniggia, who was hidden in Luna’s costume and sang “Toxic”. Karina La Princesita and Wanda Nara guessed his identity.


Source: Clarin


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