“It is urgent to organize our professions”: a naturopath calls for not stigmatizing all practitioners

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Doctolib has decided to suspend the profiles linked to a controversial naturopath. The president of the union of naturopathic professionals believes that it is necessary “to highlight professionals who do not endanger the health of users.”

“We are not an alternative to medicine,” Alexandra Attalauziti, president of the guild of naturopathic professionals, abounds this Tuesday on BFMTV. She intends to respond to the controversy that has arisen around naturopaths after Doctolib’s decision to suspend 17 of them from its site for defending highly controversial, sometimes sectarian, and scientifically unproven practices.

“We are not yet a well-organized and regulated profession, so the question arises how Doctolib is going to promote competent naturopaths,” says Alexandra Attalauziti.

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Work “complementary” to that of doctors

In fact, naturopaths are not regulated health professionals. For this reason, its presence on the Doctolib platform has surprised many Internet users.

“We are not health professionals, we do not pretend to be from the medical or paramedical world”, confides the president of the union of naturopathic professionals.

According to her, “a naturopath knows his exercise limits, he is a well-being professional who accompanies the user to maintain good vital hygiene and good health.” Thus, he works “in a complementary way” with doctors.

“The problem with this is that it is often not complementary but alternative,” says Jean-Pierre Thierry, a health consultant for BFMTV.

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“Promote professionals who do not endanger health”

Therefore, the debate is open as to whether naturopaths have their place in Doctolib and, if so, how to regulate who can register there. “We need to highlight professionals who do not endanger the health of users”, launches Alexandra Attalauziti.

“It is urgent to organize our professions, we must stop saying that it is going to be done alone. Government authorities have an obligation to organize both training and our professions to ward off all these pseudo-professionals who risk endangering users,” he stated. he concludes.

Author: salome oaks
Source: BFM TV

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