The Physicians Order asks Doctolib to strengthen its registration rules

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The medical appointment booking platform “cannot allow confusion to arise between health professionals and people who are not part of the medical practice,” he wrote in a press release.

The Order of Physicians asked Doctolib on Tuesday, at the center of a controversy for referencing naturopaths, “reinforce its ethical rules to register on its platform”, fearing a “confusion” between health professionals and unfounded medical disciplines.

“Doctolib cannot allow confusion to arise between healthcare professionals and people who are not part of medical practice,” the Physicians Order said in a press release.

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17 profiles suspended by the platform

On social networks, health professionals and patients criticize the group for allowing its users to make appointments with naturopaths, some of whom have dangerous practices, bordering on quackery and sectarian aberrations.

Doctolib’s criticisms have been directed especially at naturopaths who claim to be Thierry Casasnovas and Irène Grosjean, two influential personalities in the naturopathic world but with discredited positions in the world of health.

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The platform refers to doctors, midwives, dentists, nurses, etc. (regulated health professions), psychologists and osteopaths (graduates recognized by the State). It also allows you to make an appointment with sophrologists, hypnotherapists, naturopaths, professions with unregulated but legal practices. They represent 3% of registered users on the platform.

The Doctolib group, a French heavyweight in taking medical appointments, suspended 17 profiles on Monday and announced that it was carrying out “substantive work.” At this point the Order is added, which indicates that it believes “that an in-depth debate should be opened between Doctolib, the health authorities and the professional associations to better define the framework in which professionals can list on the platform”. “.

Author: salome vincent
Source: BFM TV

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