Three tips for healthy trees

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It is never too early to start maintaining your trees. Thanks to some observations on the condition of the roots and branches, you can quickly identify problems that can affect your hardwood or conifers.

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According to Alexander Cassells, regional manager for Davey Tree Cares Services in Calgary, the end of winter could reveal a lot of need for our trees. For example, it is necessary to check whether the angle of the trunk does not move during cold weather. Areas where the branches are lacking in color, where the bark is damaged are indicators of damage.he gives as an example.

Sometimes the branches need to be cut, because it blocks the wind instead of letting it pass, which can cause breakage.

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For young trees, the arborist recommends waiting two to three years of maturity before pruning the structure to give a particular look to the tree.

Spring is also the best time for observing insects. Chew, faded leaves or holes in the skin are signs that there are pests. In this case, Alexander Cassels recommends consulting a professional.

And if a large branch threatens to break, a call to an arborist is to prevent damage or damage to the property.

Eventually, the soil around the tree will not require special care. However, special attention should be paid to the volume of water and the frequency of watering.

Source: Radio-Canada

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