A former Séminaire Saint-François teacher convicted of computer lure

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At the Séminaire Saint-François (SFF), Dave-Alex Berthelot is more than just a teacher. He is involved in sports, school and cultural galas, and most of all, he is a famous football coach.

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He took advantage of this proximity to teenagers to commit certain offenses of a sexual nature.

Wednesday morning, the fallen professor pleaded guilty to the charges, in front of 5 of the 6 victims who went to Quebec court for the occasion.

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The former math and science teacher was convicted of computer lure, obscene communication and sexual exploitation.

Dave-Alex Berthelot on a football pitch.

Berthelot took to social media to ask victims to send him photos of their private parts.

Tortured in Thailand

For example, she told some complainants that she was tortured during her stay in Thailand, crushing her testicles in addition to teasing her genitals.

Defendant told the complainant that he consulted psychologists and they told him that the solution was to share sexual images or actions, such as masturbating next to each other, with people he trusted.told the prosecuting judge, Me Louis-Philippe Desjardins.

I am Louis-Philippe Desjardins.

Berthelot used the same technique with other victims, occasionally making suicidal sentences.

In a conversation with SnapchatBerthelot sent a photo of his penis to one of his protégés.

He held in his hands a knife that seemed to be heating up, because the blade was red. He told the Complainant that he would cut off his penis and finally his suffering would endexplained Me Desjardins.

On New Year’s Eve 2021, some of the victims received from their teacher and trainer a photo of his erect penis, with a ruler next to it.

Following this event, the victims consulted with each other before informing the school administration.

Less than two weeks later, police arrested Dave-Alex Berthelot.


Upon exiting the courtroom, Berthelot’s attorney indicated that he had been given the mandate to settle the case quickly, so the victims did not have to testify.

He regrets what he didassurance to Me by Pierre Côté. He wants to minimize the impact of his actions as much as possibleadded the defense attorney.

I'm Pierre Cote

The case will return to court in the fall for sentencing submissions.

Victims can be heard, to testify to the consequences of crimes in their lives.

The former teacher may also speak to judge Annie Trudel.

Dave-Alex Berthelot will have to meet with probation officers at the time who will have work to assess his risk of recidivism.

This report, which will include a sexual component, will help the court determine the appropriate sentence.

The 29-year-old is on conditional release pending court proceedings.

Source: Radio-Canada

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