Home Opinion The public inquiry into Riley Fairholm’s death will begin next week

The public inquiry into Riley Fairholm’s death will begin next week

The public inquiry into Riley Fairholm’s death will begin next week

The public inquest ordered by the coroner into the death of Riley Fairholm in Lac-Brome in July 2018 will begin next week.

This public inquiry, to be held at Sherbrooke courthouse from June 13, should make it possible to understand the circumstances surrounding Riley Fairholm’s death. The latter’s mother, Tracy Wing, said she has been waiting for these answers since her son died four years ago.

It will be recalled that the 17-year-old teenager was shot by police during the intervention. He was in crisis then and holding an air pistol.

My son deserves better than this

I always have that in the back of my head, that I’m missing some details of what happened. I really have no reasons why we pulled it offexplained Tracy Wing.

He had already given questions in front of elected officials in Quebec in August 2020, during a study of a regulation on the mandate of coroners. In particular, it asked the State to conduct a public coroner’s inquest whenever a citizen is killed as a result of the use of police force.

Tracy Wing has also approached the Office of Independent Investigations as well as the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions, which has not filed criminal charges against the officers in this case.

It’s not against the police, it’s to improve things for them, for us, for the kids who are in crisis.dispute by Ms. Wing.

I also want to be heard, as if I am not being heardhe added.

My son deserved better than that, I deserve better than that […] The coroner was there to look into the circumstances and cause of his death. We do it in the name of Riley Fairholm.

A quote from Tracy Wing, mother of Riley Fairholm

Nine days of hearing

Tracy Wing must testify during the investigation. Nine days of hearing are set.

Si Ms. Wing will be represented by an attorney from Montreal. The latter’s fees must be partially accepted by the State, under a new regulation relating to financial assistance for the payment of legal costs during certain coroner inquiries.

This assistance has so far not been very accessible, while cities or unions bear the costs to defend the rights of police officers. The League of Rights and Freedoms must comment on this new regulation Thursday in Montreal and must ask for significant change before its official adoption. In its present or modified form, however, the settlement must be retroactive and Ms. Wing should benefit from it.

According to a report by Guylaine Charette

Radio Canada

Source: Radio-Canada



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