Police are investigating the ‘violent incident’ at the Hamilton school

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Hamilton police are investigating a “violent incident” at Saltfleet High School in Stoney Creek on Wednesday in which students were punched and kicked, according to a spokesman.

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Police were called around noon Wednesday about a dispute involving students and other youth not attending school located outside Hamilton, according to Constable Indy Bharaj.

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It all started with an argument between the two groups earlier, who eventually died, Bharaj said. Then, around noon, three students were taken to the atrium by a group of six to eight people – two of whom were not school students.

There were allegations that a knife was found during the altercation, although police have no evidence to support these allegations.said the police spokesman.

No one involved sustained any injuries requiring medical attention and no cases were filed as a result of the incident.

The entrance to Saltfleet High School.

Ang abusers fled before police arrived, Indy Bharaj said. Police identified most of the parties involved and contacted some of their relatives, he said.

We have no reason so far to treat this violent incident as an act of intimidation, Mr Bharaj said. I’m sure there are ramifications on the school and police side […] whether to end in suspension or expulsion or whatever.

online video

One of the mothers of the students recounted that she punched her son in the face and his forehead became swollen afterwards.

He sat as he leaned over his phone when they started hitting other people who really had nothing to do with ithe says.

Shortly after the fight, her son sent her photos and a text message in which she wrote that.tried by a child [le] stab.

This mother recounted that she tried to call the school and her son in vain. When he later saw a video of the dispute on social media, his reaction was visceral: I literally felt pain in my hearthe says.

She did not allow her son to return to school on Thursday and condemned the inaction of the English public school board Hamilton-Wentworth (Hamilton-Wentworth English Public School Board) to ensure the safety of the student.

They don’t care, the student’s mother is sad. Obviously they don’t care about security because they have allowed the return of the children already […] endanger the safety of all.

Reminder of a sad stage

Shari-Ann Selvey, whose son Devan was fatally stabbed outside her Hamilton high school in 2019, also saw the Saltfleet video on social media.

Really mad and ridiculous that this is still going on and no adults are interfering before it reaches the point of a todo-fight.he told the CBC network.

People gather with signs that have already been written

An analysis conducted by the CBC following Devan’s death revealed inconsistencies in the way Hamilton-Wentworth English Public School Board controls violence within its walls.

He revealed that the school board, like many others in Ontario, has repeatedly failed to report accurate violence figures to the Ministry of Education.

These problems do not exist not allowed affected how schools respond to violent incidents, the school board said in 2019.

We are investigating this incident and we want you to know that the safety of students and staff is paramount.written by Saltfleet director Glenn Cook, ensuring that the school remains a safe place for student learning and staff work.

However, he encouraged students and families who were distressed or disturbed by the incident to seek help from school staff.

With information from Dan Taekema, CBC News

Source: Radio-Canada

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