Newcastle ‘threatens’ with 60 million for Isak

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The name of Alexander Isaac has broken into the last hours of the market as a result of the interest that Newcastle may have in getting his signing. The prestigious ‘The Telegraph’ has echoed a possible offer that the English entity plans to make for the Swedish striker. The intention of the ‘magpies’ would be to put around 60 million euros on the table, one of the most powerful in the history of this British club. Therefore, it would be a record operation. The Royal awaits Isaac for training this Thursday in Zubieta, once the vacation period has been completed, which has been extended for another week with the club’s permission, because it ended later last season due to playing the Nations League with Sweden. Isaac He has a contract with Real until 2026 and is armored with the highest termination clause in the squad: 90 million euros.

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