Amazing!: Jovic scores more goals in one game than in three years with Real Madrid

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Incredible but true. Luka Jović has already scored more goals with the Fiorentina that with him real Madrid. And that the Serbian only has one game with his new team.

Jovic made his big debut with the ‘viola’ outfit and he recovered his goalscoring nose with a stroke of the pen. It is true that the rival, the Real Vicenza youth, lent themselves to the feat, but few thought that the ex-Madridista was going to get away scoring a goal poker in just 45 minutes.

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The Serbian jumped onto the pitch after the break and it took ten minutes to see goal by scoring 3-0. Then he would also score the last three goals of Fiorentina to round off a 7-0 win, or what is the same, four goals in 28 minutes of play (in the 56th minute from a penalty committed on himself, in the 68th minute, in the 79th minute with a header and in the 84th minute).

It should be noted that Jovic had not scored so many goals since before joining Real Madrid. In three years as a white player (51 games) he was only able to score three goalsreason because the merengue club ‘gave it away’ this summer to Fiorentina by transferring it for free and keeping only 50% of a future transfer.

Felipe Munoz

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